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Use U plate to be system memory complement

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When Vista comes out juat now, believe that everybody keeps in memory all having one to use U to check a function that memory supplements as system. This has been attracted a part of memory deficiency by the new Vista function being called ReadyBoost but has been missed the Pc user who experiences that Vista is systematic. This function realizes ReadyBoost now in also being able to pass a software calling eBoostr in XP OS platform. Though now the memory strip is parallel let off lightly,But serve as you when handling the large-scale software only when 1 G memory pretends to the computer inside having XP OS,EBoostr maybe happens to be able to have helped you busy. And do not need peculiar U plate, average U can come true.
eBoostr Yes MDO One money that the company announces can dodge Windows XP Come true down Vista  Super Prefetch And Ready Boost FunctionSimple doctrine is to make use of memory and excellent plate to build a high speed slow exist,Replace a part of the hard disk operation but reach system mentioning fast effect. Be slow exist that the machine function hoists by the fact that it can be put into use appending drive (include lightning exist and move a hard disk),Function brought along by the ReadyBoost technology realizing Vista hoists.

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