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The family is not the place being reasonable

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Whom had listened to previously have said such a few words,Feel reasonable- - & # 8220; Have one couple have once from feeling attached to each other to getting married not made a noise,Because of they always are, the other party thinks,What thing to have self always rushes over first compose,Think of no matter when and where all for the other party is thinking & # 8221;. This paragraph of time,I know why returns to a thing neither,Always because of such like that minor matter is at odds with the wife,Tell the truth,Finish stir-frying gloominess putting up there being one share telling in the heart every time. See this the following article today , let me feel sorrowful & # more 8230; & # 8230;.
This is my friend's close friend during the period of the foreign country gets married,Message that his father sends here from continent,Get married the ceremony master recited out full text in public right away in that very day,That is that I had seen that the quietest once stands treat occasion,The student loves but moves presence all for whose parents's Zhi,Although the thing is separated by many years, that circumstances prints still deeply in the mind,This article circulates afterwards having come untied,I am to preserve till now then,Hope can have the institute enlightenment to you ..
This is that a pair of parents gives the daughter who gets married congratulations
Duckweed son:
Dad mummy hears you needing to get married good news, is that you are happy , are separated by a great distance really , we can not participate in your wedding , the parents who can not have presented us on the wedding makes a speech , this is that our inward one point is regretful .
You are our daughter but , believe that you can understand a feel of dad mummy .
Have laid down telephone , our and your mummy in that day keeping silent how all of a sudden our child has grown up in a good while-?
Afterwards, your mummy says indifferently to the mirror: You have taken a look on that , my white hair has been more, the duckweed son also should get married .
I am counting your mummy's grey hair , those grey hair is resembling a lot of past events unexpectedly , a piece of a piece have been floating the heart your mummy warns of me: Still be written a letter by daughter! Even if being us give your newly-married gift .
Duckweed son,We are only in the world the most ordinary parents,Our child also is only an in the world the most ordinary daughter,Our no extravagant demand is very many,Be only road of hoping that my child steps on marriage,The queen of brigade of trend life,Can be thankful all with young,God-speed. Be in here,Give your our life understanding ..
Need to tell you first: The family is not a local being reasonable .
This words sounds,Do not have principle very much,Absolutely true but,This words is truth,Be a famous dictum,Be number husband and wife,The number family (include our family) uses number years,The number is bitter,The number loves regret,Number dispute,Many pair of mistake,The chaos being locked together in becoming entangled in is middle,Comb a final submission coming out ..
Should begin between husband and wife when arguing on the basis of reason,The city just beginning to have spread shadow two people at home is not filled with a pile of the false reason why being not as it was before conscientiously respectively,Adopt a hostile attitude towards the other party,Hurt the other party,Can only cause destruction to both sides finally,Out of hand. Number husband and wife,One ( for outside is managed 〕,Come to fail to be loyal to self's beloved merciless. They do not know,The family is not the place being reasonable,Place being not to do accounts so,What be ( 〕,Where the family is. Duckweed son,Our days of their youth,Also answer a without end such problem,Husband and wife is like that also like many,For 1 year that is young uncle's transfer for you for a little minor matter argues noisy ceaselessly problem,I and your mummy has made a noise greatly,The condition stirring up disturbance in even to needing to get divorced is only us in that times lacking courage ..
Until having a day , one old people, the battle companion speaks on his child's wedding. ( hope that you live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss,Forever ) time looking at and appraising love,Love this brief character,Making a sound like spring thunder in me yes in the heart,The family is not the place being reasonable,The family should be very easy to say the loving place love a period of time,In all one's life is not but easy to be apt,Have a lot of subtle point to require that we go and sum up and experience face to face here ..
We need to tell you secondly: Marriage is an empty space box , you have to readjust oneself to a certain extent thing to inside , then it is possible, fetch back your essential points thing; More that you put in , also more .
Many person has a lot of scheduled time to marriage when getting married, hope that,
Scheduled time is longed for being able to get riches and honour out of,The pad is comforted,Love,Peaceful,Happy,Healthy,Moment that marriage starts in fact,Be only a empty space box. Go to together two people,Must form a habit,Go and be given to,Go and be apt,Each other wait upon,Each other appreciate,In the future,That leaves a box empty is able to enrich ought to that empty space box first is turn to readjust oneself to a certain extent gradually just now be ( miss 〕,Miss be that it is that two people have had a dead cert use our always remembered in heart as if inscribed on bones thing one kind,Have had emotion,And then show solicitude then,One kind of mood loving dearly then ..
( miss ) be to lead to a pathway of home when exhausted,Be chill winter one warm intention of share of night,Be meal incense ... blow on the face after pushing the door of a house open in a hurry ... Want to readjust oneself to a certain extent moving forward ( too in empty space box art 〕,Art in life is hit by marriage in marriage life,Require that nowhere the place saying art is absent,Anger has art,Quarrel has art to there is a married couple drinking a bitter cup having nurtured five children,That is among them difficult,Themselves can experience one day only,Husband and wife makes a noise for a piece of minor matter of child,Feel crueler , as making a noise more,Be not allowed to have punished soon,The wife speaks suddenly. Wait for an once,I need to go and have given birth to a child this speaking about,Be the quarrel art marriage box lining,Miss except readjusting oneself to a certain extent ( with the art ) outside ( ),Still have a lot of thing,Can readjust oneself to a certain extent going in,This is remained to be self gone to fill in in you ..
Write you give birth to him to one words ( thinking one writer had spoken here,Educate him,Your responsibility already comes to an end to the utmost,But, you give him the best gift,Be a pair of wing ) duckweed son,This seals up a letter,It is dad mummy to give your getting married a gift,They hope that you are bringing our blessing along,Happy flight.
Father , mother
Husband and wife two people has had marriage , has said that names a family in a few more a place , this local often storing. Become your tired day rest place here , become the scope of operation that you and the lover build commonly here. But have a routine to be able to not go to here but in here. Be a reason. That person refuses to see reason , are that a shortcoming , the person god of the earth knowledge are reasonable, is a blind spot. Generally, the more person having knowledge the more believe in justified have traveled the country. Justified maybe can have traveled the country, but go to a family clausura have leaked.
Somebody often speaks. & # 8220; The family is not the place being reasonable , husband and wife is not the relation being reasonable. & # 8221; This words sounds unjustifiable, but absolutely true newly , this words is truth , is a famous dictum. As for the female, married a husband originally , were not to be expert in being reasonable because of him. But be a lifetime hope that he can be fond of self , love self. He has forgot now being fond of self loving self , essential points and self have been easily reasonable. Good,Husband be reasonable very much,Be able to be reasonable,Can with criticizing the able black horse Bai Ma,Can water be said fully grown oil,These self knows for a long time,Also know in the heart,But listen to be so troublesome,Husband even if you having 101 reasons energy how.
To the male sex,Married a wife originally,Be not because of she is expert in being reasonable,But be lovable because of her,She cares for self everywhere,Rain to keep in memory to warn of self brings an umbrella along or gives an umbrella. Self is treated with courtesy outside slouly , is goes back being able to speak with her but not being that pressure is in heart. She can look after self , be fond of self person for lifetime. She has forgot now looking after self , being fond of self , everything and self have been but reasonable. This can feel better in the heart what.
When should begin to argue on the basis of reason between husband and wife in fact, begin to have received from shadow very likely right away at home. Two people cities are filled with a pile of the false reason why being not as it was before , refute the other party , hurt the other party , can only cause destruction to both sides , are difficult to punish finally conscientiously respectively. Remember , not being the place being reasonable, the family is to say the loving place.
The principle that I always do not know previously probably is in this: The family is not the place being reasonable , the family is to say the loving place.

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