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Up-to-date row of world famous brand perfume complete works of

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Perfume famous and precious,Have & # 8220; Liquid diamond & # 8221; That fits,Though price is compared to diamond,Love US that being still attracting those 8220 & #; Heart & # 8221;. Which brand the most expensive perfume is in the world nowadays. Arrange the first 10 being in them.
Happy(Joy)Be debuted degree by Paris costume designer ShangbaWhose jasmine scentCan give a female in name and in fact happyEach ounce230U. S. dollar
Mansion ordinary inner(Tiffany)Elegant european styleScent gives first place to jasmine and the roseBlend forest keynoteEach ounce200U. S. dollar
Di child(Diva)Scent heavy and complicatedBe suitable to stylish and the most romantic womanThe company is manufactured by EnjialuoEach ounce190U. S. dollar
Opium(Opium)Rich east scentMysterious but allure a forceThe company produces Saint-Lo husband or loverEach ounce175U. S. dollar
Small carriage(Caleche)Shop sign of AL son-in-law perfumeEach ounce170U. S. dollar
Ai ornament glossy ganoderma(Arpege)Elegant flower scentDistribute honest breath at the same timeBe debuted by romantic companyEach ounce170U. S. dollar
Chanel5Number perfume(ChaneINO.5)1921The year appears in the market“5”Lucky to be a Chanel lady's figureThe series is middle in whose competitive productDisregarding pearl watch chain、Jewelry、Use without exception5The person opens bottle scent for the unit being fragrance of a flower second weak wine  exchangesFor wood, the incense  exchanges sustained scentNO.5Fragrance of a flowerDelicate field annotation unique charm of female and graceful and restrainedEach ounce170U. S. dollar

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