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USA is what country?

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Cause has many ways. Multiple-twin, USA that our textbook criticizes to USA good method of work introduces that few. This plays misleading role to the public. Our TV , newspaper, are also so-called , negative news report is many to USA , rightness propagates few. But that a few people have also been in USA , have made prosper but to material civilization having more understanding, is very insufficient to political system , ideology and culture observation,.
This USA country, rises abruptly unceasingly , does not happen to within the more than two hundred years going over,. The world , many people are ready to migrate nowadays USA, always, a few Chinese senior cadres use authority to deliver self son or daughter to USA , do not happen to. And, not bad ascertainment , time very long on the days to come, USA will still continue developing , create more civilized miracles.
Be USA , own the most allied country. Which fault USA the stronger world strength country in the nowadays, ally having. Be that USA , a once deliver the space craft to outer space. The first time delivers human being to the moon in human history , sounds Mars , Venusian trial in being in progress now. Be that USA , the economic output value hero live in all the countries in the world first place. Be USA , always have many people to gain Nobel Prize of science at the same time every year. And be USA , own the biggest and powerfulest world military strength in the nowadays, be controlling the biggest and powerfulest world military bloc- in the nowadays- NATO.
Defy American strength big and powerful , be sheer cheat oneself as well as others. In diplomacy, look down upon USA , by self, the person is to bring about self passivity surely. Play down , denying American accomplishment deliberately, evidently is to be ill-intentioned.
Face USA squarely , treat the American strength base on facts, that the objective analyses the civilized characteristic of USA reasonably, is really sagacious attitude , going ahead benefiting my nation just now really.
American history is not elder. Because of a variety of cause , the seventeen , eight century,large amount of europeans floods into USA. But, initial USA is a British colony. Washington leads USA people and consolidated United Kingdom colonizes person being in progress fighting with, have driven United Kingdom away colonizing person , have founded USA. But, Washington , D. C. is a military man of integrity,How thought penetrates the most advanced administering a country to constitution,Build one kind political system having vigor and vitality,This matter Washington is to have accomplished without end,But be to be completed under the leadership of Jiefuxun. "tripartite" political system, has proposed that human rights , the political party compete , the wheel chooses for the whole people, has establish solid foundation right away in getting up at that time. Besides USA lets a president be forced to fall out of power halfway because of violating constitution almost over 100 years, except two, session of president has order to be in progress respectively alternately all the time. "tripartite" political system has been mounted in guarding against autocracy , avoiding sepsis , has brought the effective field effect into play, this is every be ready to face the fact people squarely , has to admit that.
USA puts market economy into practice , is unlike enterprise free competition , government providing services. What that this is served is. & # 8220; You establish , I register; You make money , I collect taxes of; You go bankrupt , I do not care. & # 8221; Such , enterprise can gain bigger space for development , the government uses the thing being that business failures waits for aspect to take pains neither. Since enterprise produces manage profit is thick, therefore USA is first-rate talented person, great majority focus on enterprise. Survival , one people can abandon one occupation in favour of another freely in american enterprises , National People's Congress having capability having a scope for one's ability, his pay is also very high. Work industriously , person having single professional skill , also can exist, gain the fairly good income. The people who has no special skill, has laid off only. No way out, this is to compete. This fierce rivalry, has brought about enormous vigour for society.
That USA lives the most elegant and the most unconventional is the rich. However, spend money causually , be just like the habit being them neither. A lot of rich, is that money is used in charities , public servise. Great majority civil USA incomes are higher,Can afford motor home,,Can travel abroad,Can pay a child read a book cost- - is natural,Private school , renowned universities cost are expensive,Be really not that every common people children such that getting up read. USA still has more entire social security system , makes low person of income also can gain the guarantee living. In USA, & # 8220; Money & # 8221; Authority is very big. The rich enters politics going to the lavatory. Rich , can purchase the very good commodity, even tour around outer space. Rich , grave , can mitigate a punishment if what be committed crime is not special. Rich , can let president and your accompany a meal.
In this USA country , the history in its more than two hundred years, have come into being a lot of great personage. Can be termed like this , the group star is resplendent. Statesman, if Washington , Jiefuxun , Lincoln , Ross good fortune. Young Bush is also a very excellent statesman. Whose courage and insight , courage, depend on a lot of times in the nowadays other of statesman. Man of letters, if Di Jin Sen , Whitman , Jack. London , mark. Spit out the temperature. Thinker, if Emerson , Russel Bertrand , Du Wei. The scientist , the entrepreneur, are furthermore countless. Beyond doubt, nowadays the world , talented person all together , are USA. The good environment and mechanism, can produce first-rate talented person's. Be anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits however , excessively, to ideology and culture first-rate the talented person creation, is seemingly also disadvantageous. If one USA century is front, Zeng have produced Emerson , Whitman, but at present such environment, be difficult to produce the great similar personage seemingly. Seem as if American needs new Emerson , Whitman neither especially. Intense emotion , individual value , free spirit being innovative , cherishing because of Emerson , Whitman, already are enough for them to have enjoyed the use of several centuries.
USA respects human rights , respects people's value and dignity. In USA , free rein character assassination,need to shoulder legal liability's. Take violating birth control as, the woman is on the march to the people forcing to have an abortion, in USA also is forbidden imagination. The police there are very strict regulation on it in the criminal who takes suspicion into custody , arrests,. One American is in homeland another brief habitancy of local , is what to stay temporarily at a certificate's without. Arbitrarily, the boss delays worker's working time , embezzles part of worker's salary, forbid for law severely. The radio traffic watching overseas TV , being in progress contacts with each other , is not also restricted specially. Religious belief, is citizen personal affair , anybody or organization all can not interfere with arbitrarily. All these , democratic tradition all with American are relevant , are connected with perfect legal system , also fight with ceaselessness of almost over 100 years extensive USA people relevant. If black right improvement, with a century going over, a lot of black moves leader extreme hardships and difficulties effort , is cannot to part.
USA is that individualism thought the country having marketplace very much. To the individualism,Famous France scholar Tuokeweier has in the first place also very close animosity,But behind the thorough examination being in progress to USA,Have had the brand-new cognition to the individualism,Think that the individualism is one kind of mature but calm affection,And have issued brand-new definition to the individualism. According to American's individualism outlook on values,American admits that one people runs after the self-interest rationality,Believe in one people at the same time while being that others serves,Be also service in being self. Take oneself individual life value seriously. More than the correct or required number opposing the country and society living to the individual interferes with. Emphasize that the individual struggles , thinks that as long as himself makes great efforts to go to do, any thing all has possibility. Entire american society, is to build above this place individualism outlook on values. This outlook on values,Have whose inactive no doubt also,But have given consideration to every individual right , benefit , value,Fervency beneficial to arousing everyone,Promote social development,Feudalist society outlook on values to defying individual right,Be one kind of the ultimacy breakthrough. At the same time,American also emphasizes that self benefit should accord with law,Come out honest,And take not damaging others's from the interest rate as basis,Therefore,Inactive effect being able to with the individualism,Be lowered to the minimal limit. China this country,Be in feudalism society because of the long range,Defy personal value , dignity , benefit; Socialist society founds the queen,Grow a period of time very much,Lay lopsided emphasis on sth & # 8220; The lower level is subordinate to the higher level,The minority is subordinate to the majority,The individual obeys the collective & # 8221;,Individuality and the individualism are astonishing get rid of shortcoming,This is a very big mistakes of social development area in fact.
Many people thinks that American is hypocritical , forget friendship for profit, does not have social responsibility all wrongly. This statement does not base on facts. Many have been in American Chinese , exclusively, impression , American having such candid , observed the relevant code of conduct and the law , been eager to help people. Meet difficulty , the Chinese fellow countryman in USA sometimes looking at coldly, American who does not know you from Adam, initiative stretches out a helping hand to you. American observes order in a public place, even if in recreational activities space and big market, people also is accustomed to speaking in a low voice , does not have a hubbub or quarrel phenomenon. In 1995, big edifices of New York of USA world trade meet with explosion. But withdraw from time in the personnel, though smoke fog is hazy, both electricity and electric elevator have stayed, everybody is brave in the face of danger , gives consideration to each other in adversity moment. Be composed of person chain under the guidance of fireman , hand in hand. Hour is endless process several try to find out, several ten thousands of people inside the building all have been out of danger. This matter , a secondary side have embodied American's fine quality.
USA is that immigrant population takes up the country who is commensurate to proportion. This lets american culture have a distinct characteristic. Different culture exists side by side , they communicate with each other , promote each other, form big furnaces of a culture. Therefore, somebody calls american culture alloy culture , fit & # 8220; Cocktail culture & # 8221;. Have a such story. On a grand banquet, in the people who is unlike the country boasting that the respective liquor is graceful. Chinese takes out antique Mao Tai. Russ takes out a volt add. French takes out big champagnes. German takes out whisky. Be American's turn , see that he adds the various liquor only together, raise one's glass respecting each other , speak with that. This calls a cocktail. The cocktail , the national spirit- having embodied American- are synthetical even if be created by. Be good at absorbing cultures of other nations, and bringing forth sth. new from the old, messenger american culture becomes being rich in vigor and vitality.
USA insists on a pragmatism on the external relations,. Defend in the homeland since benefit , this are that USA builds up a country always tradition. Damage interests of the united states,USA is to need to give fighting back determinedly,Compromise by no means with that,By no means emphasize that & # 8220; Set the general interests of both countries is amicable & # 8221;,But give in unceasingly. USA is very arrogant , is so arrogant as to make a few countries be difficult to accept sometimes. For instance , authorizing Iraq , assailing after United Nations,. American attitude to United Nations, self is the pragmatism behaviour , in favor of self own , supports United Nations right away; Harmful for self own , wind United Nations open right away. Not carrying out military affairs aggression like American , being drawing up a militarism during world war II to Japan , Germany, USA is to resolutely oppose. This USA country readjusts oneself to a certain extent with commercial interests in the first , its first military strength effect ensure commerce , homeland citizen safety , but not be used for military expansion. But also need to be used to terrorize composing challenge's to USA existence other military strength. USA also may show mercy , support world country economic and social development small and weak, but USA such compose be conditional , have to look at a marriage partner giving in charity arbitrarily. From American's point of view, use national money earned by hard toil of homeland, the people gives in charity arbitrarily to the other country , such government is that mental ability is faulty affirmatively. Because of this one point , USA often meet with others also attack. American has different views to socialist system. Socialism more than eighty years's practice,Become rigid excessively on economic system , political system , ideology and culture,Neglection to people's right , value and dignity,Make them very discontented. After appear on the stage of after, especially President Reagan two battles, USA always supports the socialist countries democratization course. Say USA but supporting the socialist countries democratization , be for the dependency who makes these countries become American , not basing on facts. But these countries have democratized in fact , in a single day, fate of not necessarily only their USA is secondary , will be even because of self national benefit, be aggressive and fond of picking quarrels with USA. I think that this is really living is real.
In short ,USA is many prisms. Have this not only at the same time, still have another one aspect. It has a vigour. Build up a country having been further developing almost over 100 years. It be expert in oneself adjust. Economic crisis , slump , Pearl Harbour Incident , 911 events in the 70's in 1929, it has all blocked. It had had a satin in history. If butchering Indian. It leads the head to have worked out Charter of the United Nations , often defies but Charter of the United Nations. It provides fair competition's chance for more people. It the phenomenon infringing human rights carries out condemning on a few countries interfering with even, progress having promoted all the countries in the world cause of human rights objectively. But, itself is having a great quantity human rights questions.

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