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Be not allowed to miss 5 kinds highest grade men

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1, the man characteristic being thankful describes that. Such a man , one point being going to be with others to them are easy to bear the heart in mind, their principle grace fountain of being a droplet reports each other. Marry such man , your not bad forever there is no need to worry your paying cannot be brought back a report, more there is no need to worry the wife who has shared her husband's hard lot will be a hall down. Affairs of human life changes , seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields change into seas,Who can ensure that self will be forever healthy neither beautiful better-off,But marry such a man,You are at least not bad assurance,Moment coming across difficulties and hardships in you,He may coexist with you. 2, the man characteristic having a sense of responsibility describes that. This has spoken right away unnecessarily much , whose block of wood hope has married to there be responsibility had the man who assumes. But need to mean to need to have being distinguished also to the sense of responsibility here,Fault makes a sense of responsibility taking that land under heaven rises and falls as self's mission shape,But be to be responsible to self , to be responsible to the family , to be responsible to cause , to be responsible to self actual life. Those are not in charge of the man who is concerned about one's country and one's people blindly to self life , maybe are only a real coward. 3, the fine man of habits and customs characteristic describes that. If you are a languid lazy enchanting daughter,fine man of a habits and customs is your best companion so absolutely. Such a man is loved heartily clean and tidy and have the certain household duties talent, you may discover the comfort having had his your space to become hitherto unknown. Come to criticize little young eldest son who leaves home , has giving consideration to sister-in-law responsibility , fine child habits and customs comparatively easy to have gaining grace not very the sort. Family education is important affirmatively,But if this family education is that one side with the mother toils take form,Think that the son or daughter is independent after living,His habits and customs possibility is too worse than the average man. 4, the healthy psychology man characteristic describes that. Can go off smoothly in all one's life without anybody,Neither have anybody being able to get the thing that possessions wants,Before real life,Healthy psychology needs to compete with each other in superb cleverness , eminent background , to outstanding achievement & # 8230 absolutely; & # 8230; Important being more coming. 5, the broad-minded man characteristic describes that. Broad-minded,Imply couple of girls not only not being fussy about the block of wood little mind,The people who means more to the vicinity not play down not calumniating not being jealous of , can accept others's correct suggestion with an open mind. Such a man can not come to expect that house property has proven the name whom to write , also to be able to not be opinionated having an unduly high opinion of self with you. The girl is thought highly of always very much in days of their youth & # 8220; Now & # 8221;. & # 8220; Now & # 8221; He has number Qian You what experience what position has what condition to have,& # 8220; Now & # 8221; If he can deserve me, & # 8220; Now & # 8221; Choose him I whether be or not enjoy due respect,And so on,Have ignored to be more endless 8220 but; Future & # 8221;. In fact,Be what what sees knows from me,The generation personal experience inspects mother generation and sisters,Not having any external thing is invariant can maintain 30,Can make you happy really,Be still person together with the old people holding hand with the mutual help and relief in time of poverty between person,.

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