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A piece opposes the essay following blindly

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I in the flower of one's ageHad once happened believe in Yan'an one piece blindly、Believe in story of the higher authorityThis thing happens in rescuing motion1943YearYan'an the first time rectification of incorrect styles of workBe engaged in rescuing motionI am the central Shaanxi plain subarea central Shaanxi plain pedagogical teachKang Sheng7Month15Gradually compose in Yan'an"Rescue take a false step in life person"Report to the queenVice principal Zou Jin Cheng is waited for10The teaching backbone tune goes to Yan'an9MonthThe organ convenes the central Shaanxi plain subarea“The spy confesses giving orders about assembly”Long teacher of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Area Bao An place bureaux wisdom has brought along a batch of the people who calls self a spy from Yan'anAppeal to everybody to make a clean breast ofHave one woman who is called Chen Ying act as an example to othersCriticize her how to rope a few people in in Yan'an forming a little clique、Be engaged in a grapevine、Draw up a liberalismDestroy Party、Destroy border areaShe saidSo-and-so's Yan'an organ90%All above is a spySo-and-so's organ all are spiesSpeakShaanxi、Shanxi、Henan……Till the field underground Party all is that red flag policy is lower, fake communist party waits a minuteFor a short whilePublic sentiments were enragedFlash everywhere to shoot the sight being vigilant against enmity's onBe in this strained air liningI annual introducer Feng joining the Party second time appears on the stage ofI have also appeared on the stage ofBe in stageThe year is abundant tell me“I want to have knownBaishi just(Time Northwest University her single line leader) And Nationalist Party oneCCMolecule be close friends very much”ThereuponThat she said her isCCMoleculeI also speak“I am lower fake red flag policy communist partyMy background is Risorgimento”Schoolmate Wu Feng Qiao sees that we appear on the stage of“Confess”Know self has jumped to be unable to redress unclear to Huanghe RiverAppear on the stage of hurriedly criticizing self being also fake communist partyBe a spyA another how old bigger than us schoolmate Mao LanBe being played by several people、Have appeared on the stage of being pushingHe is unwilling to resemble our such nonsenseResult has been stricken a slap on the face by personAway, on one's body fountain pen is pluckedBe escorted to Bao An place under the watchful eyes of the peopleAfter the meetingSeveral places comrades of Organization Department follow me returning to the central Shaanxi plain normal schoolTake away my all notebooksHave passed through a several dayThe leader invites us a lot of"Make a confession"Person eatsI feel queerer , as thinking of moreAsk Chen Ying right away"We learn time enthusiastically in northwestBe in reading party lining led by PartyBe to read Marxist Leninist bookWe get rid of border area timeParty all is to worked well by usBe not engaged in by us destroy"She said"We are also such We former know neither...."I see that she has laughed at awkwardlyBe difficult to cross-examine her againAsk that one place comes besides from Yan'an right away"Spy" "The former block of wood has known that self is a fake Commumist party member's also becomes a spy now what"That person has laughed atHead of the ministry of organization Hui Qing Qi blocks the way of me hurriedly"That you do not ask everywhere to criticize you is not a spyBe not fake communist partyYou destroy a rectification of incorrect styles of work"I think ofGovern area in Nationalist Party Serving as a spy's is extremely fewWhy has arrived at liberated areaThe spy will be in this way many whether be or not these person self has served as a spyWith regard to that others's all are spies, I think ofThat I ask about is a very important problemThe leader criticizes me why destroying rectification of incorrect styles of work woollen cloth being probably that the leader asks a batch of party member to pretend to make propaganda work coming the spyImmediatelyI have remembered《Chocolate》《Chocolate》Alternate name《Death of Zuoding》Be part novel of Soviet UnionWrite the October Revolution victory queenThe leader mistake one being called Zuoding has used one dancing girl ding-dang secretaryThat dancing girl and the White Army have ganging upMake use of Zuoding's name blackmailing and imposing exactions on to peopleBefore long The White Army counterattacksThe people be unwilling resistanceHigher authority knows Zuoding crime no till deathThat time condition was urgent butGive the facts without time to the peopleBe forced to shoot him to deathZuoding benefit for PartyVolunteer conscientiously field trend place of executionAnd feel gloriousI think of"Since our petite bourgeoisie intellectual has made the communism Shimizu dirtyLet everybody should become a spy with us right awayLet everybody speak`Do not learn Liu Heng`Confess at the same time for urging the real spy to make a confessionDisregarding everybody holds me what should becomeI all am readyEven if shouting, I go to dieI can't feel glorious"Before longThe entire border area rescuing moves the discrimination having been in progressTestifying most people is that the vacation makes a confessionHear of the young intellectual went to Yan'an for shelter in that very yearRemember simultaneously in rescuing motion《Chocolate》 Act as model with ZuodingThis in other wordsThat our generation intellectual accepts Soviet Union literature effect is very deepPass this time of motionI get a few lessonsOne among them is“Can not believe in Yan'an blindly、Higher authorityNeed to use self mind when anything comes upBut, self has judgment”This is with Chairman Mao1942The year is around《Put Party's style in good order》 Teaching in culture is consistentSpeak in culture"The Commumist party member all needs to ask about one to any thing whyNeed to think deeply that process self the mind thoroughnessThink of it if it conform to the actual situationWhether having the reason really or notCan not follow blindly absolutelyCan not advocate a slavishness absolutely"10Have passed away for many yearsHave arrived at1956YearBe reporter of People's Daily agencyI have arrived in a turbanA dayMeet with everybody being debating one cartoonAnd have reached a conclusion very quicklyHave lived in peace with each otherBut I am still unable calmHave written a such essay《If not being reprint......》Morning that day9O'clockThat Anshan metallurgy chemistry building head office turban branch company defends place comrade Li is handling official business in the houseSuddenlyThe door once ringsHave come in a hurry-skurry two personThey shout as soon as receiving the door“Lao LiGo and take a look at as quickly as possibleThird mess hall, the reactionary slogan has appeared”Comrade Li gets up in the heart immediately in short supplyHe locks the doorAnd, two people has gone to togetherTurn out to be on third mess halls wallsHave stuck a such cartoonSome unit staff canteen all expenses calculate to mess cost liningWant to earn a sum of profit waiting in comrade Li rush before coming tooThe cartoon is nearBe already surrounded by staff and worker have been overAnd be in staff and worker centreNo small argument happenedOne speak“This paints painting such that applauding reallyWe mess hall meal has been indeed very expensive”Another faction speaks“Meal is expensive be that prices is high because of the turbanWhere is a so many fee because of the mess hall needs to captureI think thatThis painting is that the reactionary calumniates we new society in cooking up a story”One speak“Turban prices is high though being factButWe mess halls are not to want to turn in too every month8.5%Welfare is what-consumingWhy can blame a household is to cook up a story calumniating”Another faction speaks“ThisCertainly——ButHave an idea to should mention directly right awayPaste up one picture always being able to not stealIncite a workerStrike administrative leadershipThis has not become chaos sticking the reactionary slogan what”Be arguing endlessly around cartoon two group of personSee that the people who defends a place has come over suddenlyAs quickly as possible a lightning pathComrade Li walks up to cartoonThe cartoon front and back is controlled having looked at several time from cellar to garretBe that the person eye making security work is careful after allHe has discovered one row of the small character that everybody does not pay attention to below the cartoon“Reprint self‘Cartoon’Magazine mansion65Expect aflame work of Ye Chun‘Eat a bar’”Comrade Li tells everybody with his finding thatThe people who debates enthusiastically has debated all no longerOne row of a small character because of complying with thisThey have reached a conclusion already at ease“This painting is not we staff and worker self creation'sBe to reprint down on the magazine from BeijingIt certainly can not be a reactionary slogan”ThereuponTake a look on that the people who draws walks gradually falling apartComrade Li is the victim of a false alarmHave also gone backButReader can't helps need to ask a question“If this cartoon is not reprint the Beijing magazine'sBut be that the Anshan metallurgy chemistry builds head office turban branch company staff and worker self creation'sThenIts after all whether be or not reactionary slogan”1956.8This essay has been pressed down out on the People's Daily supplement Accept people's cheerThe very regretful to be that I have mouth criticizes othersThere be no a mouth but criticizing selfSimilar this is fatuous、Going ahead only is that the secondary instance has many right away on meBe obviously most1955The year opposes Hu FengFollow a leader runningDisuse self brainThat the leader criticizes Hu Feng is counterrevolution or counterrevolutionaryI believe in blindlyGo and do not ponder over the matterUntil1957Annual anti-rightist initial stageI think of just nowMay mistake with Hu FengBecause of third batch of material in Hu Feng counter-revolutionary group be hit byCriticize him having done a sinister trick in abroad What improper business be after allDo not make clear that at allSay the faithful running dog being an imperialism and Chiang Kai-shek Nationalist Party since he is very earlyAnd, the imperialism Nationalist Party espionage agency has close connectionDo not criticize them what membership credentials to haveBecause of being in the White Area Come to cover self looking for the other party to make friendsBe often some thingsWake up to some extent very grieved being as if it be meThis is doubted to report a hereafter to Party organizationsHave become me unexpectedly“Charges in an indictment”Quilt labeling unjustifiably, the rightist has been becomeMore regretful and grieved being Similar this is fatuous、Peremptory、Going ahead only is secondary、Trample on the truth instance life middle in usGrow in intensity unexpectedlyHave made our country go to a brink of collapse………Five Liu Cun2007Year4Month27Gradually receive

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