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Children is pursued no longer exalting an animated cartoon leading to the day an

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According to japanese media, news report , Japan children break away from the trend being fascinated by TV animated cartoon in recent years beginning to accelerate unceasingly. Audience rating comes down not only in the successive years,Many people gas program comes on stage previously prime time (7-10 PM),"Manga Japan past banashi " wait for the situation that cartoon program withdraws to be continuing for also. Another aspect , varied kind of oriented adult of time section late in night animated cartoon competition are extraordinarily fierce , the Japan animated cartoon marketplace displays the complicated change. & # 8220; The animated cartoon already is not children having loved 8221 be fond of most;. TV Tokyo the broadcast bureau being run by the local people throwing into the pen strength to the animated cartoon propagates the IR minister & #/ 183; Complain that big wood is being bulged being sighing to the reporter. According to inquiring into company Video, Research counts,Be 6.2%'s cartoon program annual average audience rating in 2001 (northeast China area),Already come down on the last year to 3.6 %,This is among them only when above being the part image "whelk Sir ", "cherry is small ball " short often being able to reach 10%. Investigate whose cause,Be that little son of Japan society spends a trend mainly,Besides, time is arranged to take in these animated cartoon airtime , many children is not all in self at the appointed time plus children old-style private school and the feat studying home,As well as # household game machine popularizing waits a minute & 8230; & # 8230; Big wood bulges a minister analysing out all above. Have an emblematic's most,The animated cartoon "ONE PIECE " being last autumn Fuji television station cartoon program , taking ocean as stage to take the risk of fantasy disappears from prime time Duan. This to inspect with that television station to the pneumatic painting have once created "dragon pearl " and others , begins to be at a low ebb with the animated cartoon impression for person more. 《Our flower buds》Wait for audience rating to exceed30%Adult gas work springs up in succession1970Age latter half arrive at80Age's“Animated cartoon golden age”Become history long ago. On the other hand, be a flourishing animated cartoon late in night time interval. Both animated cartoon subject matter such as beautiful girl , robot and content be rich and varied. Now, the civilian-run broadcast bureau needs to broadcast the above 15 work in northeast China area circle. Audience rating has no way to expect to rise high, but why the time interval animated cartoon is able to increase by unceasingly late in night. The hero of animated cartoon speciality aspiration "Animage" Panasonic also edits the explanation & # having been in progress 8220; This is the target because of television station mainly,From running after animated cartoon audience rating transfer to explore improve DVD melt wait for a program commodity sales volume being connected has been listed in. & # 8221; Reach 10,000 if DVD is best-selling the development that this work correlation sells so commodity sum overseas is to be in the cards very much. The person in charge who the broadcast bureau is run by the local people is also expressed & # 8220; Since being connected, the commodity can bring about beneficial result indeed,Even if low audience rating also can not care about & # 8221;. The TV animated cartoon, already develops to become an adult 8220; Consumption & # 8221; What. Big wood bulges a minister not thinking that & # like this 8220; Have told the children love and just TV animated cartoon significance. Be that the child continues making the excellent animated cartoon , let them become the core amateur , be TV media responsibility & # 8221;.

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