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Safe bound second composes in reply third factors

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Date of publishing. 2006-11-14 17. 03. 45, today we introduce that. That we say previous section come across uncertain risk to human nature leaving this rapidly is to bring about first safe bound factor,Our previous section has also been said,When benefiting empty space happening once common three factors have led to safe bound commonly. This introduces that second composes in reply third factors during the past our. The marketplace has tens of thousands of investor inside,Stock market is a collective game being composed of person,In stock market, much change and phenomenon reality is to have reflected people's character hobby and idea,Tens of thousands of investor middle,Person having several kinds main types,They have similarity in fundamental idea of behavior. Be a value investor the first kind,That this kind of person thinks that price changes is to decide from value,Their business behavior is that the relation from value and price decides in any case all,While they think that price is higher than value will sell,Price will purchase when being lower than value,But disregard other factor,This kind of investor goes ahead at present in Chinese marketplace,The number increases by in course of rapidly. The second kind is trend business person,This kind of investor thinks that price changes no metter what cause arouses,Always postpone one direction continues working,Go up one wheel or drop one wheel,Be continuous going up or continuous falling,Form a trend going up or falling. They think that the trend purchasing , affirming in a single day one to drop ought to right away once the trend having affirmed one going up is not bad sell, Bi Ru. Share price complies with the bottom when one begins to swell up,Person purchases trend business not immediately,But need to wait preliminary going up of one appears after the trend,Only meeting purchases trend business person. Conversely,Moment beginning to drop in share price,Sell trend business person neither be immediately,But after being to need to wait to have appeared continously to drop,They affirm the trend formation dropping,Only meeting sells trend business person now. Trend business person mounts the number maximum at present in A share marketplace,They have had this kind of behaviour of trend business person characteristic also will do helping the effect going up and aiding to fall,Think that share price goes up after getting up,A great quantity of trend business person is got involved in,Feasible share price of meeting goes up higher,Formation aids thereby to swell up,Conversely,When share price drops,Trend business getting involved in,Feasible share price of meeting falls more ferocious. After that negative information outbreak,Share price drives down because of most people is in mentality's,Sell at low prices bringing about share price dropping,After that this criticizes person selling at low prices being completed,Share price should have stopping having fallen,But, continuous share price drops rapidly,The anomaly having brought about technology form unexpected turn of events is disgraceful,That the equal line arranges from long position becomes short-seller already or in course of arranging,Important propping up is punctured. Business person sees all these inevitable quilt trend , thinks that the trend dropping already takes form. They think that the trend dropping already takes form thereupon be therefore likely be away from field, such share price sells behavior at low prices in relay of trend business person driving down , once again roll order but lower. Trend business person's one wave drops be away from have become share price driving force,Trend business person had received the relay baton driving dropping from the people who being away from field in advance in hand,Second able waves drop leading factor person. Think that second waves drop to appear and after the end, everybody may possibly say the bar dropping at this time to have ought to over almost. Answer be there are still one final wave drops,Start to drop the group & # driving the effect being- in this one wave- 8220; Dried , shelled shrimps & # 8221; With group & #- - 8220; Sheep & # 8221; Leading factor. Be what mature despite a marketplace,What reason,The marketplace there is existing such an investor in general association,Their not deep idea,Neither have mature fixed gain pattern,Farther from being investment strategy and investment style,Their business and business often are that the random and the free rein seeing swell up being going to buy,See fall being going to sell,They are acted as that very big degree of investment makes policy is to depend on an eye but be not to depend on the brain. (Need this kind explaining that to see going up being going to buy,See the diversity falling having quality with regard to the investor who sells and trend business person,The trend will buy though business person being also to go up seeing,See fall being going to sell,But, trend business person theory having self. They have determining the nature and quantitative analysis method that the trend forms whether or not,Share price goes up satisfying certain condition,The trend business person city thinks that the trend forms only meeting follow-up,But, random business person is to be based on feeling completely then),If the share price that a interest rate empty space event leads to drops rapidly evidently appear when before random business person,Eight or nine chances in ten,Random business person is able to short Stock,Selling at low prices of random business person has helped to bring about share price once falling finally,Random business person is that stock is sold to that kind person on the floor. Random business person has increased the safe bound that the depth dropping expands. Random business person is the stock market 8220; Dried , shelled shrimps & # 8221; ,Be also to be oppressed and exploited by person 8220; Sheep & # 8221;. Have many person think that individual investor or small fund investor is stock market's“Dried , shelled shrimps”、Be to be oppressed and exploited by person“Sheep”Big big fund organization is the stock market 8220; Shark & # 8221; Be 8220 & #; Wolf & # 8221;. We do not agree with this statement thinking like this , neither. Individual investor , the young fund investor can exceed big funds , big organization completely. Money can not inevitable relation successfully a bit and whether or not,Correct strategy,Correct idea,The correct pattern is key to success,Have correct idea,Pattern correct individual investor can be good completely than institutional investor composes,Real stock market & # 8220; Dried , shelled shrimps & # 8221; Be that those every idea has, thought , business not as random as what pattern, have no a technology person. Correct idea , pattern correct individual investor also can be the stock market 8220; Shark & # 8221;. Suddenly, the day afer tomorrow happened in interest rate empty space , share price drops rapidly under relay in all above three kinds strengths being driven,thereupon safe bound has appeared inevitablely. Time as soon as saves us introducing that all above three kinds how common strength relays drive down creates safe bound combining with a concrete stock,As well as Ling Tong invests in the bound how to make use of this safety earn profit.

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