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Safe bound condition and law appearing

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Date of publishing. 2006-11-2 17. 24. 02, today we introduce that. Previous section has produced a problem , when bigger deviation has appeared , what it's the law appearing and happening has been. This our condition discussing that safe bound appears and law. Condition that can urge safe bound to appear,Be to be related to enterprise,Bad negative information happens,Have the bad thing and bad news to only be capable to do possibility having made stock appear safe bound. Enterprise single file song of victory,The good deed is ceaseless,Cannot bigger safe bound will appear,Safe bound often is to be accompanying bad news , to be spoiling a thing but be appearing,Do the safe bound being to be able to bring avails to avails we,Whose character be eat & # 8220; Bad & # 8221; Do not eat & # 8220; Good & # 8221;,For example. Yili share mentioning in foregoing words, high level manages tier of contradiction because of the high tube meets with a mishap tier,bigger safe bound looking at and appraising a partner but coming to be that the Yili share has appeared. Big safe bound appears nearly absolutely in the marketplace anticipate that besides, dash forward when bigger interest rate empty space event and interest rate empty space information getting rich happen,The empty space event and interest rate empty space information depend on big benefit increasingly anticipate that besides,The more people has not thought of,Can promote bigger safe bound increasingly. Interest rate empty space event and interest rate leave information and big safe bound relation empty. Like the elephant body and the shadow, the partner looks at and appraises right away each other with being not allowed to break up,,Appear at the same time , disappear at the same time,If we like it discover big safe bound,Must like it at the same time and be good at analysing , grasping the significant interest rate empty space event with information. You must can in making people not feel well , keep in looking like dreadful interest rate empty space information reason,And use reason to discover a chance,Can say big safe searching bound being thing of significant bad news out of luck middle disgusting with, everybody avoids meeting that in be obnoxious to everybody in substance,Seek to the chance sucking low. Enterprise is only capable to do if surrounding share price down unceasingly in good news rising unceasingly,Want to buy this stock can only go to pursue height,Without the chance buying low,But be that the enterprise share price not producing good news producing bad news neither is stable all along,Without big fluctuation,Neither have chance thereby,Only when appearing in bad news , can share price fall,Only chance that can be purchased at a low price by us. Needing to carry an once especially is that company dashing forward in most cases sends out significant interest rate empty space to major part,May form safe bound,But be really not all significant interest rate empty space city 100% formation safety bound. The more interest rate empty space happen on the enterprise that good high grade enterprise or stability manages, bound increasingly easy to form safety. Value centre and inherent value because of them are stable. Dash forward sending out the interest rate empty space event,Can only affect a period of time,As time goes by,The interest rate empty space event is able to disappear gradually,Enterprise that good high grade enterprise and stability manage,Their inherent value stabilizes,Resist the air raid ability is strong,Dropping that interest rate empty space makes sometimes is safe bound. With regard to some companies,If ST composes in reply a poor quality share,Their self inherent value is low,Or inherent value is uncertain or foundation has no inherent value right away,Appearing when benefiting empty space is that share price meeting single-side drops to make fall after rise to them,Can not form safe bound,For instance , some village share. Think that we pass the queen who discusses this law having known safe bound appears at the same time with dashing forward sending out interest rate empty space and analyses together,Do not know if everybody had thought of,Why safe bound may be able to appear at the same time with big interest rate empty space. This problem is explained section under us.

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