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Look at the sky from the bottom of a well  2007-01-25 0826. 53Love the country and love fact Zhang Jin Ling is nearestUK-US has several drawing“Local government”People who runs counter toWhose words and deeds is polished interestingOne is that USA once was in charge of Davey that the weapon verifies·Triumphant strainsThis public is expressed once in being unlike occasion definitelyBe what he leads Wei Qi6The monthly weapon searches for a job indicateBefore USA strikes IraqIraq and not large-scale antipersonnel weaponThis is to run counter to with White House simplyAnother two is EnglishwomanOne is United Kingdom room plate Catherine·RidgeBe a lady's turn to have disclosed the inside story requiring that United Kingdom helps to eavesdrop the representative of Security Council in connection with USA aspect to one newspaperAnd, calling self the purpose that such makes isHope deters to Iraqi“Immoral war”It's two is minister Clair who develops affair because of the United Kingdom front international opposing the Blair cabinet making war but withdrawing from on Iraq·XiaoteThis person shakes out valiant material to british mediaThe war outburst is front in he|sheThe United Kingdom intelligence agent once was on the march to Secretary General of the United Nations Annam eavesdropingTo know his position going ahead in Iraq war issueThis is engaged in if putting aside the country who arrives at another one kind of typeThat may move towards the strange monsterHave very ready-made statementGo to an outside crutch being holding an elbowClear be to be around“Betray the native country”This several foreignersActually no faithful Yu governmentThat certainly is no faithful Yu countryNo faithful Yu countryThat has been to betray the native country naturallyThe inherent logic is suchYou if no faithful Yu governmentThat your intuitive knowledge to self、The occupation mission and the law fidelityFoundation is not worth a damn right awayYour fidelity to the country is even all groundlessBut be in their respective country liningThey are not viewed as not only“Betray the native country”Return back to upper praising and honoring of morality having gained peopleHow this makes an explanationI feelThis reflects such one at least being worth thinking deeply that problemOne citizen certainly should be faithful in self countryBut should be faithful first in self intuitive knowledgeFaithful law in the countryFaithful occupation mission in selfOtherwiseThe fidelity to the country just may become me faithfulRegard me as necessity certainly being natural faithful faithfulA country's politics organism's habitsJust latrine pit that can become the maggot insect rollingPatrioticNeed some basic condition presumedly alsoExample having a reverse sideMay be proofHitler brings the lower Third Reich times under controlThe German officer regiment swears an oath to be faithful to his individualBut be not allegiance GermanyImitate constitution faithful toNeed to overthrow Nazi party and government right rulingCome to speak to the officer the regimentBe the thing needing only a slight effort originallyBut under this allegianceThey are committed to just only to Hitler individualBut be not the people to GermanyBe not to be committed to human beingTheir honour is come from in the fidelity to Hitler individualBut, fault comes from to the country、The people and human being's fidelity“They often for this sense of honourBut have forgot self sense of honour as human beingIn the sludge their ethical criterion of officer regiment is trampled on”(Wilhelm·Xiayile《Third Reich's rise and fall》Volume I)Germany of Nazi treads ultimately to enter fatal positionSpeak fundamentallyBe loving self's country of officer regiment have not had basic conditionCertainlyRemove standard country of modern political civilization lining in not buildingThis tenacious several foreigners in factMay possibly be looked upon as very much not loving self's countrySurely will wipe out on the human body secondary that quickly laterImperial edict Fang Xiao Ru the block of wood wish is draught for the emperor acceding to the throneHave allowed the new emperor to be this fact usurp right person because of entering into a certain relationship withBe cruelly killedTen races are exterminatedSolzhenitsinTenacious fact in SovietCan only the end of the world going into exileTimes in themLoving the country and loving fact is that fire and water admits of noThey loseBe patriotic qualificationBe member of modern societyThe citizen is same as the governmentThe independent politics main body having law and morality responsibility owing to being defeated to the countryThat is ,Citizen and the government this bothPatriotic qualification is equalThe citizen will never owe an image Davey·Triumphant strains、Catherine·The ridge composes in reply Clair·Xiaote three people is the sameWhen becoming the government or some's political personages achieving self purpose can drive the chessman condemning freelyCivil loving self's country and government's loving self's countryOught to unite Yu respecting to factRespecting to law faces upwardUpkeep to intuitive knowledgeOtherwiseLove self's country becoming performance right awayBecome gameThe government and the citizen cooperate and govern and undertake responsibility commonly to society public affairsThis will be“Flat surface politics”(Relative to traditional society“Perpendicularity politics”)This ought to be our common senseRemember many years ago being around《Wenhui Daily》Upper read have been in levies in kind and money melting Sir's one items of short essayExamination questions has been forgotBut, content keeps in memory basicallyGeneral idea of money Sir is to speakSelf ideals of lifeIn fact very simpleBe to be able to“Offer as a tribute freely”Did not understand that very much to such an ideals of life originallyAt present possiblyThis is not a relaxed topic in factSometimesYou if very tenacious Yu factVery tenacious intuitive knowledge in selfMay possibly another kind be looked upon as very muchLose patriotic qualification thereby“Offer as a tribute freely”Certainly also, qualification may be that up to but losesLove the country and love factThis is a what extremely serious topic of conversation=========================Civil loving self's country and government's loving self's countryOught to unite Yu respecting to factRespecting to law faces upwardUpkeep to intuitive knowledgeOtherwiseLove self's country becoming performance right awayBecome gameThe government and the citizen cooperate and govern and undertake responsibility commonly to society public affairsThis will be“Flat surface politics”(Relative to traditional society“Perpendicularity politics”)This ought to be our common senseLook at the sky from the bottom of a well  2007-01-25 0830. 15About patriotic several mistake area Old people Li, two misses one of areaA mother never looks ugly to her sonDogs show no aversion to poor familiesThe motherland is motherThe people can not cold-shoulder motherland mother never looks ugly to her sonDogs show no aversion to poor familiesThis is very good traditional virtue of motherlandThe son does not mind mother is ugly whyHave given children life because of the motherBecause of mother drinks a bitter cup have nurtured childrenBecause of the nothing of mother disinterested regrets have been given to children with all loveReason whyStill uglier、Still lowlier、Again the old and weak、Still poor motherIn children in self's eyesBe greatBe to be sacredBe the most beautifulMother's bosom be children eternal spirit homeThis is not to have a problem'sA mother never looks ugly to her sonDogs show no aversion to poor familiesI am to agree with determinedlyButHow the motherland may be equal to the mother in the peopleClearly be existence of the people、Defend and buildHave given to the country just now with soulOnly the feasible country significance having existenceThe people ought to be country's motherOr, somebody speaksHave had land only somebody firstButNobody's landJiu Bu Shi territoryAlso the country do not existWhat sovereign right what talks aboutHuman rightsDignity Oh and the like topic of conversation woollen clothSomebody must drop the country a hint of being to resemble the same great mother thing whyThis problem has existed since ancient times in factFeudalism history is middleBe particular about faithful filial pietyBe particular about monarch and subjects father and sonGet over grimness being governed by with feudalismIncreasingly Faithful filial piety is called increasingly loudlyThe feudal lord wants to strengthen filial piety too why outside request the people allegianceIn the first placeThese slave rulers realizeDepend on a state machine only、Force organization request common people devotes oneself heart and soul to be very difficult to maintainMust go ahead from thought、Ethics upper under the control of accepts an oppressorMake them be pressed fairly unable consciousnessTheir important one point of this set of method will beWith faithful sum, filial piety stands side by sideFaithful be filial pietyFilial piety for faithfulLife that father gives person toReason whyFather is died by sonYou have to die right awayJia Bao Yu has also been killed if dad is beaten to death by himHis dad tells a feudal official at mostThe precious jade is that it is exactly disobedient sonBut monarch woollen clothBe fatherBe father of land under heaven proprietorThe monarch father is natural authority having had dealing with people's lives and properties tyrannicallyYou are died by ruler's subject thenThe ruler's subject has to dieThe ruler's subject reveres a monarch like still having an elephant revering fatherThink that this concept becomes one kind of universally accepted ethics of societyThe monarch all have governed natural reasonableness of being up to right awayHad a character to shout in the ancient times“Murder”The speciality refers to a ruler's subject kill a monarch or the son or daughter kills parentsMurder father composes in reply a monarch murderingBe justice that time、Law、EthicsAnd even public opinionNo most allowableFather and the monarch are what barbarous despite thisSince the new country opens an eraMonarchical power、The clan authority quilt criticizes togetherThis clan authority is clan's authorityStretch and expand the low and smooth land being father rightHave overthrown feudalismBe to have overthrown father rightMonarch and subjects's feudalism relation is brokenFeudalism of the father and son relation breaks then also with thatButRuler's creative ability is endlessHave broken feudalism“Monarch and subjects father and son”Have founded a nowadays's“Citizen mother and son”RelationEverybody's sound familiar propagating“I guardXXBe compared to motherMother gives my body onlyXXGlory casts light on my heart”、“Close relatives on the maternal side is inferior to dadXXXIn person”、“Motherland Oh motherlandDear motherYou use that sweet milkNurture various national children”、“Disregarding mother is what poor compose in reply hardshipThe children love to her is also by no means ambiguousI shout one sound‘Motherland Your Majesty’A keen affection is in that affection more profundity”、“ MotherlandI sing in praise of you”、“My and my motherland A moment can break up neitherYou use your mother pulse And, I tell”…………Gorgeous terms、Beautiful melody、The art deductionBe imbued with what one had seen and headGuidance is instilledForm one kind of perfectly justified relationMotherlandBe mother of the peopleSameAdminister this motherland's political partyHave also had mother's conceptThe country is equal to a political party be equal to motherThereuponAnother one kind of ethics has been builtWhose blasphemy country is a blasphemy motherIt is children to cold-shoulder motherEthics for the nowadays、Morality、Emotion、What public opinion admits of no(Relation about the political party and the countrySpeak still detailedly within another mistake area)Go beyond the limit time comingWe know just nowThis the father and son who governs a skill composing in reply monarch and subjects is to be a true disciple ofBe that one kind is reverseClearly be that the people has founded the countryClearly be milk of the people、Sweat、Blood、Life is nurtured、Construction、Have protected the countryTreasure the country like clearly being that the people elephant mother treasures childrenThe country clearly is childrenNeed to repay the peopleHave been reversed over butHave become the people needing to bear hardship without complaint for the country like this like thatThe people is that the country is prosperous and powerful stabilize but sacrifices self benefitThe people is in tears of happiness spring up in one's eyes、Be in An atmosphere of solemnity and reverence prevailed、Have been raped in cordial affectionTwo criticizes Old people LiLove motherBe ought toLiken the country to motherBe not to have human nature'sIf my country is barbarous have hurt my motherHurt my familyI will hate this country very muchIf country lawful rights and interests for the family who defends me but existenceI will very much, be grateful to and defend this countryWatch TV a few days agoCriticize several the Philippines citizens what Iraq organization to be staked byRequire that philippine government withdraws IraqThe Philippines has promisedBe probably inconceivable from Chinese's point of viewNational benefit is higher than everythingWhy can be almost personal benefitSacrifice national benefit“The Five-Starred Red FlagYour name is more important than my life”Ought to“Abandon an individualBe big I”OhHow this way Filipino does not have the patriotism dying for one's countryIn factFilipino movement is really real human nature'sThis country is also to love the people'sThis country also is worth it the people loves ardentlyCountryBe not my motherCountryBe to be a big communities that I serveMiss two of areaLove self's country being not to have condition'sMust love self's country heart and soulThe country is to criticize being not able toCan not deny not knowing when beginsLove self's country becoming one kind of fanaticismOne kind is piousOne kind can not question、Thing being not able to debateIf you criticize or criticise your country's shortcoming、Dark、One aspect of crimeThough you meaning factBut still will be extreme that Cheng be said by peopleSay Cheng not loving self's countrySay the able traitor——Come what mayNeed only the benefit being the so-called countryEveryone needs to sacrifice everything at any timeSay country's shortcomingMust say the country eulogizing one what good turn overAnd then speak very carefulThe sun also has a sunspotThe country can't have a place entirely satisfactoryBut not good evenWe can cold-shoulder her neither、Criticise herThis often makes me very gloomyDo not mention patrioticBe to love self motherDiscover mother having wrong placesAlso need to point outWhy country has criticized woollen cloth Jiu Bu NengThere are dorty thing on mother faceYou are to point out comeStill let her continue staying in in the faceMother has fallen ill forThe spirit is abnormalBeat others everywhere、Fall home thing、Beat self childYou are to treated by her、Let her arrive at a hospitalContinue to it is more frenzied for to let by her、Until becoming extinctBe such to great motherTo the country who serves for all of us more ought to so-calledCountry the very grave problem has appearedWe are to be going to oppose its method of work determinedlyMake it correct a mistakeThe regular road leakIn historyExcept the most Cimmerian periodDo not allow common people to criticize the country without a dynastyThe monarch is also to be supervisedThe feudalism royal or imperial government has expostulating with government officialThe civil official wants to die expostulating withIn the ancient times feudalism novel Lishang knew what gold whip gold mace to haveGo ahead from the fatuous and self-indulgent ruler since backbiting a ruler's subjectExpect that for 54 pointsThe intellectual criticizes the country that it is cruel to criticize very muchLu Xun said his country is a dead roomHu Shi said his country is not destroyedBe to there be no justiceThat Wen Yiduo says his motherland within the poem is“One despaired ditch backwater”They all are patrioticOnly have looked at the malady there existing in the country and have molderedThey all stir the deaf and enlighten the blindShout the sound getting rid of disadvantage innovation outBut fault blindly eulogistic literature、Circumstances slice is excellentOnly todayLook at the medium of all kinds that so-called lawfulness publishes all overDare to criticize the country's actually without oneThis is very abnormalIn feudalism dynasty all rareWe often see the criticism to the emperor from in historyBut country director or public servant todayDo not have a mistake owing to sage one kindA countryCan not let self citizen announce self true ideaOr speakA countryA groupHundred-percent glorious rightness is greatOr be that this country is taken illOr be that this people of country is taken illPatrioticMust need to have a sense of shameGood and evil mark of rectifying evilHave alternated being going to being wrongHave suited having been a pairCan not be partial to an upkeep blindly because of it is self countryA really stout countryMust be to be able to stand criticism'sDo not allow the country who criticises to be the lovable country by no meansMiss three of areaPatriotic and love the government、Loving a political party is that different writing arrives at hereSome comrades saidYou are right to the government、Discontenting of the political partySocial existence many are rotten and unfair、UnreasonableBut, this is that the government and the political party bring aboutBe not the countryThe country still is more loving thanYou want with loving self's country and love the government、Love a political party parting“Patriotic and love the government、Loving a political party is different”This words seems having the reason very muchMislead patriotic masses therefore also very muchCountry、Government、The political party has a difference indeedBut need to look at concrete conditionsIf a countryIt only has a eternal the party in powerForm the government from this party in power managing the countryOr, the party in power manages the country directlyThenLoving self's country or not and love Party、Love the government or not being inalienableExactly because of so-calledThese directorsThey are that ingenious guarding patriotic and loves Party to love the government to be tied in wedlockCountry、Party all is our motherThe government is our benefactorReason whyLove self's country being going to love Party loving the governmentNational constitution requires that everything listens to Party's directionYou do not listen to Party's teachingBe no patrioticDo not guard constitutionYou saidPatriotic and love Party to love the government how to partRegard it being patriotic and love Party loving the people that the government carves upBe to should become a abstract concept with the countryBe in their mind liningThe country is a in history、Excellence to hit the target culture、Noble tradition is synthetical、Concept coming out pithilyOne mentions the great motherlandBe long history、Splendid cultureIndeedThis is country's partBut, the real country is concreteBe honestThat this governs country's government and political party is this country's representative right awayThis problem appears on representative Corp.Be that this problem appears on the countryThis government or political party is not lovableThis country is not then surely lovableBe unique because of it、Eternal this country's representative——At least at present so-calledMiss four of areaDo not love self's countryBe to worship foreign things and fawn upon foreign powersWith regard to the jackal and traitor being country's hostile forces, I have very much sepsis and crime because of this countryDo not love this country thereforeTherefore, but feel shame with live in a such crime environmentSomebody criticises me immediatelyYou worship foreign things and fawn upon foreign powersYou are that the money having held the foreign country condemns a motherlandBe country's hostile forces jackal and traitorThis thing foreign country also hasThis logic is really very queerBe a pair face to faceThe mistake is wrongHave being to haveThe nothing is a nothingIf the motherland is all very goodI have held money of the foreign country evenWhat also condemn not send outIf there exists very serious problem in the country indeedEven if the foreigner gives Qianrang me do not call namesCan't cannot seal up numerous distant person mouths in the worldThere exist crime in the country and molderCan not because of the foreign country hasRight away, connive at and be partial toThe foreigner condemns us evenBut, the household calls names such that suiting ifCriticize face to faceWe also need to acceptThere are dung on our faceEnemy saidThere are dung on your faceWe can not return to a mouth speakYou also have a dung in the faceThereuponLet a reason be hanging in the face dungBut be to ought to look in the mirror as quickly as possible wiping the dung wellSpeakWe already wipe wellBut, you still have a dung in the faceSuch is really self-improvement、Progressive correct approachMiss five of areaPatriotic essential points is done up from meCompose up from minor matterDo not complain thatBelieve that the motherland will be much better tomorrow“Patriotic essential points is done up from meCompose up from minor matterDo not complain thatBelieve that the motherland will be much better tomorrow”That this viewpoint sounds is very goodBut, it still is that one misses areaThis wrong guidanceWill lie inAct as up this from me“I”One kind self-examines onlyIts inactivity will be at the same timeSelf own hangs the thing block of wood pass highEvery man should confine himself to his own dutiesWithout big sense of responsibilityIt holds this“I”、This“Minor matter”Be regarded as one only“Individual people”、Be regarded as one kind“Obligation”But be not the citizen with a country、Master of the countryBenefit sets off from to defending all the citizensIncrease personal accomplishmentBe one is important condition for loving self's country beyond doubtBut be that such has reached only by no meansBe not to say the land under heaven rise and fallExpect everyone to do his duty whatWe are ready for self ought to job simultaneous composingMust care for self as well as other right of the fellow countrymanSee the country commit the mistake and crime to the peopleMust complain thatNeed to criticiseNeed to contendLu Xun if that very year single“Take action from meCompose up from minor matterBelieve that Republic will be much better tomorrow”Cannot only be capable to do loud shouts in support and battleBut be compose Hao Yi Ge the official of Ministry of Education who searches and confiscates Chinese script before the Qin Dynasty having morality being able toPeng Pai days in the past if single“Take action from meCompose up from minor matterBelieve that Republic will be much better tomorrow”He cannot only be capable to do organization Peasants' RevoltBut be to think that his large land owner generous of heart and lightly esteeming silver and gold canEmile Zola days in the past if single“Take action from meCompose up from minor matterBelieve that the motherland will be much better tomorrow”The officer that he cannot only are capable to do for a total stranger shouts injusticeThink that his best-selling writer upper strata person canTomorrow will be betterProbably will be much better really tomorrowProbably will realize Great Harmony really tomorrow、Achieve prosperity for allButWhat be put into much trouble let let poor people today and the bottom people suffer hardshipsThe field runs after our god of the earth do not go beyond moral bounds stabilizing、Wait finer tomorrowLet service charge be slaved for sb by those poor people if not coming toThe field certainly takes care of our god of the earth do not go beyond moral bounds self、Wait finer tomorrowLet be killed from fellow countryman to another cityOur god of the earth do not go beyond moral bounds the field does self's own job well、Wait finer tomorrowHave let the fellow countryman by us get high marks but can not study in university……No no noThis is not patrioticThis is the misfortune countryThis is to draw a finer motherland cake tomorrowLower the common people who is oppressed and exploited instantly's guardThis and the feudalist society ruler ask common people to mind self's own business enduring this life expression、Like waiting for happy next lifeWe certainly hope that future is finerBut, I should be equal and impartial more seeing a this life'sBe that I several miss the area understanding in loving self's country to at present above concluding remarksEnumerate the concrete example among them in addition toPolitical party of government said by another place all is to be aimed at all the countries in the world'sWhich government which country to be not specifically for which political party'sHope that everybody does not sit in the right placeAlasSuch said concluding remarksBe also it serves to show pitiful、Pitiable、DeplorablePrevious Time as soon as sheet (dtfzClassification catalogue[My library]The Communist Party of China79Sheet)SupplementThis language has deficiency1. “It listens to oneself people listen to”The government or the monarch can in most time、Represent national benefit in achieving in fact(Be a request and benefit of great majority common people accord with moral principle)Have brought about welfare for common people also indeedLiken him to mother thenBe also a choiceThe allegiance also ought toBe not what governs the skill problemIf to Zhou king、Qin Shi Huang、Wang Mang waits for bureaucrat Corp. to spoil a people like that to punishBe an autocrat traitor to the peopleCommon people right away ought to cast aside send forces to suppress even2. Patriotic and love the government to be able to partOverseas Chinese can not be aptGCDBut do not prevent a household from loving China3. Lu Xun whether be or not loves self's country having had question mark nowIf not good investigate and verifyCan look at it loving China to the public what effect to have got after all

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