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The Four Cardinal Principles of life

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The Four Cardinal Principles of life《The medical science heart realizes a guarantor growing four essential points》Say“One says save food and drinkTwo says careful chillThree say cherish a spiritFour say avoid getting angry”This is the Four Cardinal Principles of lifeSave food and drink《The heart realizes medical science》”Expensive of personParents remainsFood and drink must ought toThe disease rises like a swarming of bees”《Neijing》The first places middle is mentioned more with going on diet keeping in good health“Food and drink has festivalDaily life has ChangDo not assume work recklesslyLate energy shape and god allBut close day at the furthest end of”Develop with the economy promptnessThe living standard is in ceaseless riseWith being all come that, the diet structure abruptness changesCeaselessness having brought about the supersession now sex disease increases by《Neijing》Talk li“That is changed into grain and meatThe foot gives birth to the important member of a family(Malignant boil)”Every meal food and drink is too fullMake blood be centered on a stomach intestineBe therefore likely lead to vitals such as the brain part and the heart incomplete blood happened、Oxygen deficit phenomenonCause cerebrovascular diseases to happen as a result easylyIf the coronary artery hardens、Angina pectoris、Cardiac muscle infarction and glycuresis etc.AndExcessive eating and drinkingIntake nutrition is very manyQuantity of heat is excessiveCan't will be adiposity easyBut, adiposity can't arouse a disease variousBe moderate in eating and drinkingBe really not to be fullDo not finish eatingBut be the amounts answering food and drink、Taste、Cold、Heat、Soft、Stiffly、Meat dish、Usually wait additionally appropriate restrictAppropriate abstinence food and drinkBe to cut down staple food mainly shoot enter amountsThe pair is as beneficial to preventing from organizing food of organ old and feeble as milk but、Legume and their products、Fish、Vegetable、Fruit、Lean meat waits to all may consider increasing byBut, be rich in fat and high sugared food also should fall off being used for food《Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor》Say the five cereals be fosterFive fruit is to aidFive livestock are benefitCareful chill《The heart realizes medical science》“In personSay glorious and defendCold wound gloryThe wound defends wind thenStrong point of hundred diseasesBe with wind mostSeventy-two awaitTyphoid fever conducts changing”Skin grain of skin and the texture of the subcutaneous flesh enginery has the function adjusting the temperature and adapting the human body to climatic changeChill hurt personThe sort is equal since the grain of skin and the texture of the subcutaneous flesh gives away official secretsFirst a period of time ice-cold feeling of patientHair towers aloftDevelop able groundless evil aversion to cold then、Pain or contraction generating heat or swell numbnessIf being able to, the inner is substantial of gasThe grain of skin and the texture of the subcutaneous flesh is compactHave the capital resisting chill right awayCareful chill is first course of family of life《Neijing》Say“The late sage stays away from troubleIf avoiding meeting arrows and stones in ancient warfare then”Cherish a spirit《The heart realizes medical science》“Person that has a lifeBut essence and godSpirit no myLimbs Changchun……”Motherland's medical thinks thatAccurate、Gas、The god is indeed Triratna of personBe the internal factor eliminating disease and prolonging lifeBe magical material foundation accurate with the gasVital essence is that the god is scorching fullyVital essence emptiness is that the god declinesExternal being an entire human body life activity shows godBe just people's mental outlook、Thinking activitiesGodStay in first position in the human bodyMagical existence onlyAbility somebody's all life activity phenomenonWe live in a unparalleled times numerous and complicatedSeem as if everything is in before self's eyes right awayBut, getting everything is so difficultPeople's desire has accepted hitherto unknown challengeProcess middle realizing a desire in thisPeople's spirit is suffered fullyThe pressure living in addition enhances graduallyPeople has lost oneself in realityThe modernist has just appeared thereupon are strained than graver society spirit in the past、Anxiety、Fidgety、Panic、Suffer from insomniaModern medicine also confirmsHuman disease has50%~80%Be that supertension arouses since vigorousIf hypertension、Heart-hurry、Nervosism waitsThereforeThe old people fosters body's simultaneous in attaching importance toShould pay attention to reposing and move god moreDoctor of traditional Chinese medicine highly values a spirit being keeping in good healthMagical acting as consumes ampere of chaosThe health being related to person is long-livedThe head of life should reposeIf people being able to abide by old teachingRepair morals cultivating moral characterTrain sentimentBe good for brain entire godBe able to enjoy life“Natural span of life”That birthdayAvoid getting angry the airframe gas blood operation has own lawBut, the factor is often affected by feeling aspirationAnger will be blue in the face、Have a headacheThe furious meeting leads to hypertension、Be hit by apoplexyMany people gives up the ghost right away under fury“Anger has been got angry then”Excessively angerLiver loss is sparse leakIrritability upper inverseBlood overflows with getting angry but going aheadFace is consequently red、The gas is contrary、Spit out blood、HaematemesisFaint even damping offBe changed into hundred unprocessed diseases《The kind certificate administers》Record the disease initiating because anger hurts liver having a more than 30 kindModern medicine studies a certificateGet angry with central nervous system、Blood circulatory system、Alimentary system、Endocrine system all may bring about loss to varying degreesAnger hurts liverLiver hides overcast bloodAnger is irritability unreasonablenessOvercast blood does not hideCome anger to punish self being to do the wrong thing with others in factThe exactly so-called disinterested heart scope of operation is broadEverything watches one point openHelp othersBe to do good to selfThe thing watches such that coming untiedEverything may say that Dan wind laughs at completely beaming

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