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That Chinese democracy develops a pattern 'five is big ”Characteristic

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Chinese democracy develops the pattern 8220; Five is big & # 8221; Characteristic Xu Yao Tong points out language. Our country has already started the democratic politics having Chinese characteristics developing a pattern. Chinese democracy develops the pattern characteristic embodying in the strategy guiding ideology、Core of leadership strength、Economic base、Way that democracy develops、Priority that the step and democracy develop、Order waits5Chinese reform and openness of aspectFrom democracy, problem sets about first,Close development of 30 pass,Our country has already started the democratic politics having Chinese characteristics developing a pattern. So-called democracy develops a pattern,Be to point to the course middle in coming true and developing democracy,Since adopting, approach , way and the democratic system building are different from others,Have had a set of systematic , stable distinct characteristic thereby. The democracy then, having Chinese characteristics develops a pattern which characteristic to contain. In a nutshell, characteristic having 5 aspect mainly. Strategic thought. The guiding ideology that democratic Marxism theory Chinese democratic politics develops is,Fundamental national conditions sets off from China,The basic principle insisting that democratic theory and Chinese reality combine each other with Marxism is to guide,Insist on fundamental socialism with Chinese characteristics system,Pass political restructuring,Continual readjustment economic base and the superstructure contradiction,Make a socialist democracy and the legal system building further develop , perfect,Unceasingly, enrich , expand the right making a people be master in self's own house. We are known soberly arriving at , different because of national conditions, that peoples of all nations strives for and develops democracy a road is different. Chinese democratic politics is built must set off from Chinese reality,Sum up self practical experience,Value highly self practice achievement,Draw lessons at the same time civilized having of national politics benifit experience and achievement other,But definitely cannot copy other country political system pattern. It can be seen from it that China strengthens democracy and encourages democratic participation like this ,have the socialist nature being unlike the west country system and society form completely. The democratic politics that ultimate Chinese characteristics building of a socialist democratic and political system purpose differentiates at all in the Western countries develops,It is the thorough liberation for all-round progress and person realizing society. Chinese communist party emphasizes that exactly as again and again,Democracy is not democracy of the minority,Be overwhelming majority of the people's democracy,Be going to concentrate efforts on many ways need satisfying the people unceasingly all the time,Realize the overall development of human being. Core of leadership. The same clique as chinese communist party is in power times in the nowadays , the times being political party politics. The political party is the core strength leading democratic politics to progress , is retinue democratic politics spring tide key factor. Take developed Western countries as representative,In the world capitalist countries great majority put multi-party system or two-party system into practice,Be to the leading strength carrying out democratic politics's by many Party or at least liang of Party,Many Party compete , are in power by spells,Politics scene becoming capitalist countries being outstanding. Be member of China,The political party leads the same need being in progress strengthening democracy and encouraging democratic participation,But being different from capitalist countries,Democracy of our country is that the people led by chinese communist party is democratic,Chinese communist party has formed the core strength leading strengthening democracy and encouraging democratic participation. Chinese communist party bears up the duty and role leading the people are the masters of the country to be master in self's own house alone,Be to amount to several tens years of revolution process strong point fight with get just now,The necessity being also history and the people chooses. Chinese communist party is the core strength leading strengthening democracy and encouraging democratic participation,Be able hundreds of millions of people to be united condensing,The harmony defending Chinese national unification and society stabilizes. Ought to speak,Much Party democratic politics that the Western countries evolves out and the leadership of the communist party democratic politics that China is fraught with out,Make owing to respective national conditions,Have rationality by the same token. Since chinese communist party devotes into democratic politics with might and main build cause,Chinese democratic political system,Be that chinese communist party leader Chinese People establishes,The sum perfects development of China's democratic political system,Be to be in progress under the leadership of communist party of China,Then,Can be like this affirmative completely,Democratic politics led by chinese communist party is a brand-new , more efficient type. Economic base. That pubilc-owned economy is that the main body carries out democratic politics is to need to spend money , is a democratic election only, need to throw into the money guarding greatly greatly right away. Situation being appearing grow in intensity in the west,. The Western countries is to take private ownership as economic base , is engaged in a democratic election, throwing into certainly with private capital is the main body. Be able to participate in the candidates that politics position runs for such as president , premier , congressman, it's I is a man of wealth , the rich mostly. If running for candidate Bush of Republican Party and candidate of Democratic Party of American president in 2004 all is family background rich and powerful family in the gram,sit to possess vast wealth. Though the country also is able to donate money to a few in the election campaign,be just a cup of water for putting out a cartload of fuel on fire but comparing with the amount of money running for what be needed ampleness,. I have asked the continuous candidate to put up the money election campaign , the private consortium has also added a contend , have been arguing about the candidate contribution being looked to further increase, being gets bringing back a report that economy mounts in the future. Evidence is reported,On 2004, the American president chooses middle,Republican Party is prepared to 210 million U. S. dollar,Democratic Party is prepared to 180 million U. S. dollar,Bush and gram of lining two people are a match for,Can be rated as raise funds machine. Corp. does not loss much capital for ensuring benefit , having gone down wager to both sides , does not winning no matter who appear on the stage of. Be dependent on private economy indeed in the Western countries , democratic politics, money is the democratic politics mother's milk. The economic base being socialist system in China , pubilc-owned economy , the economic base being also democratic politics. Depend on primary stage of socialism,The country insists on basic economic system under which public ownership plays a dominant role in the national economy while other forms of ownership develop side by side,Insist on distribution system under which distribution according to work is dominant and a variety of modes of distribution coexist,This does not accept the capital controlling right away from the democracy having decided Chinese on the economic base. In the democratic election, our country persists in being that the democratic politics activity affords from pubilc-owned economy , the getting involved in and palm resolutely opposing and stopping private capital charge but. Comparative, pubilc-owned economy can ensure that the democratic politics fairness, is just more. Route choice. Extend the scope of democracy at the grassroots level as for a country,Divide the area administering according to geographical area,Some administration forming central authority and the place objectively tier of level,Be upper strata , middle level and grass-roots unit in general mark. Therefore , how, to develop democratic politics , to be to come from above or complying with the highest down, problem having a way , step what to choose right away. From that the Europe and America country develops democratic condition, walking is the road coming from above. Disregarding the bourgeois revolution being British,Be still French bourgeois revolution,The bourgeoisie overthrows feudalism governing the queen,Unfold general election immediately,Grasp state power by parliamentary democracy. The whole nation has established the general election democratic system , has pushed and then again reaching a place. Convene the whole nation also immediately after USA gets Revolutionary War victory, making constitution convention, the president and ginseng , Representative come into being all from general election. Besides,Comply with the condition that modern democratic politics of Japan develops,Whose country autocracy politics breaking,With 8220 & #; Two war & # 8221; The foreign force leading factor is after the end relevant,Democracy develops being also experiencing pushing forward process from the whole nation to place's. Our country complies with the supreme road down then different , more suitable than walking. General election falling behind , putting the whole nation into practice immediately since the Chinese socialism is born out of semicolonial and semifeudal society, economic and cultural, opportunity and condition are without exception immature. Exactly as Deng Xiaoping institute word,Be engaged in the whole nation general election immediately now not working,Can only carry out a direct election in following grass-roots unit of county (city),Move forward again till middle after in the hereafter opportunity is mature, high-rise. Therefore, extend the scope of democracy at the grassroots level , be to perfect the inevitable trend and important basis developing socialism with Chinese characteristics democratic politics. Ability breaks the ice from grass-roots unit , Xu picture progresses after having had such firm foundation,chase level but upper. Develop order. Give priority to developing inner-Party democracy since the modern times, two major part the democratic politics content is divided in general for the people democracy and inner-Party democracy. Depend on developed Western countries,Since parliament is democratic build before,The political party produces retro,Development of two big content priority and order are,The citizen enjoys society democracy,And then drive a political party to put inner-Party democracy into practice step by step. Early phase Western countries political party,Be 8220 & #; Cadre Party & # 8221; ,& # 8220; Outstanding person Party & # 8221; ,& # 8220; Party of parliament & # 8221;,Do not have democracy within the party. Until 20 centuries latter half of a leaf, put inner-Party democracy into practice just now commonly under the Western countries political party effect in society democracy,. Build the upper basis socialist countries falling behind in economic and cultural , can not adopt such development priority order then. Marxism always advocates that the proletariat political party organizes from day of being founded first, will put democracy into practice. The communist party aiming at overthrowing the reactionary upper strata dark rule being founded in the environment in autocracy is a clandestine political party but , inadmissibility objectively to put inner-Party democracy into practice because condition restricts. , Party become the party in power once revolution is after the success , will develop inner-Party democracy energetically. Two is underdeveloped socialist countries, in also being short of the people democracy socially. Under the situation of being short of inner-Party democracy and the people democracy,Develop inner-Party democracy first,The people is democratic by the fact that inner-Party democracy going ahead of the rest and spurring on,Put inner-Party democracy and the people democracy into practice moving mutually,Road of being a practical feasible , reliable having order development. It is just because that such , chinese communist party emphasize very, be to develop inner-Party democracy drive the people democracy than. In recent years,Chinese communist party is got unceasingly in the respect of developing inner-Party democracy progress newly,For development of the people democracy has composed out set an example with model,Has establish the solid basis that the people democracy develops further.

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