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The close vine of chief-of staff of international image job Ltd. is grand: Patie

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A A.D. comes into being in 2112 machine cat,How to have changed Japan during the 30 years on the past and even life of Asia children,How comic book becomes 10 billion with one capital even thousand hundred million yuan of product,Such story,Only have Japan cartoon image & # 8220; Duo A dream & # 8221; Ability talks clear. April 24,Face "the first finance and economics dailies ",The A dream except getting it in gear soon in China extends a plan all round,There are still lead DuoAThe dream comes true from film to authorizing a product“Alarmingly dangerous one springs”International image job Ltd.(Fit time“The international depicts a job”)The close vine of chief-of staff is grand(Hiroshi Kondo)Listen to close grand vine relation , maybe can be derived from by our acquaintance Chinese catoon and caricature estate in He Fang tasting the development future road. In one hotel of Shanghai, close recipient grand vine exclusive interview. The marketplace trained 1979 for many years , the American close vine studying abroad was once grand Hong Kong establishes the international image job on one's own in China , is engaged in the japanese film devolution specially. Herefrom,Large amount of japanese film waits for the Asia country and region by that the international image job enters China,Include Chinese "seven sound familiar dragons pearls " ", sage fighter star arrow ", "long vacation ", "Tokyo love story ", "blood doubts " etc. among them. However, the international image job is successful being more , upper century nineties marches towards authorizing the catoon and caricature brand commodity marketplace. Big Mac being the Asia cartoon community,The job owns the international image now Duo the A dream , the wax crayon are for a short time new , small cherry balls , tea dog , armour small treasure equal a series of the cartoon image extension authorize. Chinese knows well that the A dream is 8220 translate from Taiwan area work & # Duo; Machine cat clinkety-clank & # 8221; TV animated cartoon is originally. Vine & # 183; F & # 183; Series cartoon that two heroes do not create "many A dreams " be serialized starting from December , 1969,The public who begins from head Duo in 1980 part A dream film reflects,Run for a volume subsequently in spring every year,Arriving at this year already is the 27th,The box office altogether makes an appointment with 5,717,000,000 yuan of RMB. Accompany film and the cartoon , be the machine cat image being able to be seen everywhere derive from the product, is big till the automobile , the home appliance, hang for a short time till the stationery, piece. In close vine, grand leading moves downwards,The machine cat Duo A dream enters the Chinese mainland marketplace formally on 2002,Have opened up more than 40 warrant merchant including Kendeji , Nestle , hundred things , oersted of US advertisement , Shanghai subways , Colgate etc.. But this warrant of machine cat is extended be during the 5 years seemingly not so smooth on the past. "The daily expresses close face to face first" grand vine finance and economics,Be in the Chinese marketplace,The maximal problem that they come across is,Disregard the consumer be still firm,To authoritative concept, acceptance degree is not very high,& # 8220; We ask flower much time to go and make an explanation detailedly for this purpose. & # 8221; Cultivate for the marketplace being in progress,Begin from April,The international image job has debuted 8220 in China; Hundred precious bags & # 8221; Plan,Expect extension enlarging by a dream to A Duo in many ways publishing a product from the network , mobile telephone , film , large-scale activity , TV magazine program , education image tone waiting. Bigger difficult problem still has the strike to the pirate. The international image job authorizes avails for the upkeep , has no alternative but to comply cracking down on the pirate and the norm authorizing to discuss two aspect starting. & # 8220; Since a Xiao Dian Xiao Dian goes to impossibly ban,We what now composes is to collect data prepare to act specifically for a little large-scale the shop pirate commodity adopts law. & # 8221; Be close to grand doctrine of vine,Besides,The international image job authorizes business to have made concrete regulation face to face,For instance , demanding to must paste up paper on authorizing a commodity,Ensure that the consumer knows being a legal version commodity. The international depicts job Ltd. this year, general hand in hand Banni road (BALENO) start formally Duo A dream teen-agers clothes and ornaments series. Simultaneous, and prance message Electronic Commerce platform & # 8220; Pat the net & # 8221; Cooperate to carry out construction of net store and be in motion and do business. Basis building 20 Shanghai colleges and universities campus cartoon station in 2006 is upper and,Build 30 colleges and universities cartoon station,In 40, the main institute recruits exceeding 2000 members. For A dream film announcing fitting Duo in Chinese,international image job Ltd. is that film has customized mobile telephone of the same name game first. Content is that the king , exploitation are proper derive from the product is in the sixties last century later stage , Japan becomes world animated cartoon Great Power who catches redoubled attention from common people because of catoon and caricature estate. Have news report to fit before this,2003,Japan promotes sales of the animated cartoon arriving at American and the relevance product general income is 4,359,000,000 U. S. dollar,Be that Japan exports to 4 times of us iron and steel general income. To 2010, the Japan animated cartoon makes the marketplace and the animated cartoon derive from product market size will reach 50 billion U. S. dollar. That this to Chinese catoon and caricature breaking the ice juat now to inspect with estate is a experience being worth it drawing lessons carefully. How catoon and caricature estate develops , derive from how the product has order to develop , is the difficult problem perplexing Chinese catoon and caricature now estate. Close grand expression of vine , Japan catoon and caricature estate have already developed 30, support having formed a batch of very mature employee and industry's. Now everybody sees the cartoon and cartoon , game is to fasten connection together be to begin from the cartoon long ago most but. While knowing what cartoon will be successful, they are able to choose outstanding works shooting the able film , play serial and the like, quality ensuring the relevance subject and the product thereby. & # 8220; Consult Japan experience,If not having a industry who comes out very over a long period of time hold out,Degree Chinese catoon and caricature estate is wanted to reach Japanese immediately,May need a period of time. & # 8221; Be close to grand doctrine of vine , be going to be able to settle down , to support slowly be cartoon press mainly most. Duo A dream copyright owner , vine fabrication directors of a company island Zhexiong indicate that face to face "the first finance and economics dailies ",Catoon and caricature may have a variety of means on commerce,But be a king be still content mainly most. Cost the energy throughout self's life and fervency in Japan , many cartoonists on design, this fervency has supported development of entire estate. Support there are still that Japan catoon and caricature estate develops whose ample reader's colony. The anywhere visible body lets the Western-style clothes adults hold comic book in both hands personally , is no lack of a few old people covered with silvery hair more on the subway being in Tokyo now,. Convenient store that street corner saw is to be full of comic book more. As the mainest catoon and caricature product marketplace ingredient,the product how to choose proper derivation develops , is also to have direct impact to the become market-oriented factor of catoon and caricature image. Take international image job as example, whose catoon and caricature derive from that the product develops is that numerous group need specifically for accepting that time but works out most mainly. Be close to grand expression of vine,In the past 20 was many during a certain era,Duo the A dream authorizes product main stationery , fine hair baby specifically for the child etc.,Several are lately annual but,With the previously watch Duo A dream group is growing up gradually,The international depicts the plan planning already also clothing , toy debuting specifically for teen-agers or the adult in this year appearing in the market. To the choice authorizing business,the international image job also emphasizes the large enterprise choosing. Ai image (Shanghai) commerce and trade Ltd. general manager blames emperor jade for indicating that face to face "the first finance and economics dailies ",The warrant merchant that they choose is allotted three major kinds,Multinational corporation , Hong Kong's businessman or businesspeople from Taiwan,And important state-owned enterprise,These all are that market share is very high,And have very strong consciousness enterprise to intellectual property rights,Hope is taken advantage of let a few pirates peanuts have no way to enter this one field here. & # 8220; Patient cultivate, the Chinese catoon and caricature marketplace will be successful. & # 8221; Be close to grand doctrine of vine. The close vine is grand-- USA who studies abroad,Get upper century of economy bachelor's degree-- seventies in one university of San Francisco,Be founded by in JapanIBACompany(International Buyers Agent Ltd.)Be engaged in international trade● 1979YearEstablish international image job Ltd. in Hong Kong independence,Be engaged in the japanese film devolution-- specially 1980 age,Japanese film the first is introduced to Chinese mainland-- 1991,Begin to lead animated cartoon into the industry-- coming out to the cartoon Y2K,Start film agency,Introduce japanese film to Europe Italy , France waits for 2005--,Set up the Chinese AI company with it's name. Ai image (Shanghai) commerce and trade Ltd., marches towards the Chinese mainland marketplace.

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