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“The Three People's Principles”Alternate in there[ AuthorKaifeng Rotate snuggling up to selfKaidi network Strike a number1564 Article record is enteredConstitutional government workroom ]Nationalist Party who goes bad────Revolution of the days to comeMust take Russia as teacherCut off nothing accomplishment (Sun Yat-sen 1924)1924YearSun Yat-sen reorganizes Nationalist PartyCopy dyadic Soviet Russia revolution means「Party」「Political affairs」「Army」And「Spy」Commixture togetherBelieve implement striving for and controlling a regime'sReason why1924Year「Su Hua」Queen's Nationalist PartyThe communist party with Soviet Russia is the sameBe not that one is true「Political party」This is fake「Political party」After putting up a padding be less than 1 yearBe to have Guangzhou『West Pass kills all the residents of a conquered city』Burn the massacre killing innocent civilians by shooting being over thousand people happeningTrue「Political party」Can not resort to violenceIf one is pure represent the popular will political group not onlyAnd must exist in the multi-party system form of governmentBe member of the Chen Jiong Ming in the 20's institute《China unites rustic opinion》One book is middleHave making an explanation very clear and definite to this two priorityThere be no Party outside the PartyBe name of Party not standing onWhat has Yu「Outside」This grows thought rude and unreasonableAnd political party that why thingBe not also aware of thatCover person of political partyPopular will of gathering contract direction thereforeBut be behaviour of having organizingUnder the constitution exercising Yu person alsoDisregarding He GuoPopular will of all having three kinds directionOne is conservative;One is to be improved;One is up to the minuteFall apart in every directionActivity of being able to not be forcefulThe reason to be tied in wedlock that must blameConcentrate one directionBe allotted boundary special bannerEvery uses whose policyFor having organization, that indicates thatThat wields the messenger one country constitutional governmentTension alternating with relaxationAll get major popular willBut be basis of being governed by be〔Chen Jiong Ming1927119〕With regard to「One-party dictatorship」Bright clearly say『Husband one Party dictatorshipReality and democratic politicsBe unable at all compatibleHave a little of thought amnaged by peopleBy no means wade across this improper thoughtIf shaking Soviet Russia dictatorship, that is successfulBe dictatorship of history emperorBe not extremely big successes not thatNow is just going to imitate them in their wrong doings necessarily』〔Chen Jiong Ming1927118〕. 1924One's own handwriting inscribes annual Sun Yat-sen「Revolution of the days to comeMust take Russia as teacherCut off nothing accomplishment」One sentenceExplain the grandchild view to Soviet Russia from that very yearPlace of being able to see their basic political view difference right awayTrue「Political party」Still have another characteristicWhose party member is political view but is tied in wedlockJointly stay thenShould not fall apart thenCapital there is no「Betray」This waits upon PartyFar away in1914YearAfter the first time failed to pour Yuan Shi KaiThe revolution party member disperses going into exileSun Yat-sen reorganizes Nationalist Party in Tokyo being「China revolutionary political party」Want a party member since pointing to a modelVow to make an appointment withSwear an oath to obey to grandchild individualThis is with one「Political party」Switch over to be「Clandestine commercial firm」Behavior doing things in a perverse waySeveral Nationalist Party comrade that very year if Huang XingChen Jiong MingCypress is tattooed with WeiNiu Yong JianLi Lie weight waits to decline without exception therefore joining new Party who enters this appearanceReason whyTrue Nationalist PartyBe Republic first year of the reign of an emperor(1912Year)8Month25Japan is founded in BeijingBe incorporated into Nationalist Party that Chinese Revolutionary League is composed of by four political partiesSun Yat-sen is a presidentSong Jiao Ren Nationalist Party having had let act for a presidentHave arrived at1914After the yearSun Yat-sen is「Party chieftain」V. I. P. swears an oath to express allegiance obedience Nationalist Party to his individualAlready be a Nationalist Party who goes badHave arrived at1924YearReshuffle「Su Hua」Queen's「Nationalist Party」That is that one is fake「Political party」Randomly talk about Party spending education────(Now we)Existence being able to deny GodBut can not criticize Sun Yat-senCan not go to church keeping watch for SundayBut cannot but read the Prime Minister testamentAlso cannot but participate in weekly Sun Yat-sen's memorial week(Hu Shi 1929)2000Year4Professor month Yuan Zheng 's important article having announced a piece educating history in connection with China at the modern times in USAThe problem is“Party spends educationRotating that China educates at the modern times twists point1924-1929”[Yuan Zheng2000] “Party spends education”This nounTo Chinese that now replacesAlready be to seldom have known well thatBut be around1920 AgeIt once was a common popular nounThe author is around1930-1940During a certain eraAccept middle school education in in the homelandMust participate in Sun Yat-sen's memorial week weekly in the morning on MondaySay the Prime Minister testament by heart (Expect front for 54 pointsDomestic school is received paying a visit to ConfuciusAverage beard once every year)Add every week three hours“The Three People's Principles”Be a required courseRecall that very year not already having person mention“Party spends education” But be in imperceptible middleIn fact have been“Party is molten”EducationAs far back as1921Year8MonthSun Yat-sen causes book Russia Foreign Minister scale simultaneously tall and erect(Georgii V. Chicherin)Express organizational institution to the Soviet Russia governmentTroops and proper interest of education [Wei admires a court 1976118].  Two years later1923Year10MonthCriticize Russia military-political personnel in large scale just in succession with Russia adviser Baoluoting (Michael Borodin)Help a grandchild to spread out to Guangzhou“Party is molten”MoveThis motion is included“Party melts public service”“Party spends a judiciary”“Party spends troops”“Party spends education”And so onFor exampleCome to speak spending a judiciary with PartyForce judicial officers to join the PartyAt that time the Da Li president Zhao Shi north reason advocated that“Judiciary block of wood Party”Be to be removed from office[China character19246. 3]Spend motion middle in PartySpend the effect educating to chinese political culture with PartyBe most far-reachingParty melts the administrative personnel educating the education beginning to be to force possessionsTeacher and so on all join the PartyEncourage a student to join the Party at the same timeSet up the Nationalist Party party headquarter branch at schoolStipulate that then“The Three People's Principles”Be a required course Control and reformulate a textbookSun Yat-sen passes away(1925 Year3Month)QueenStipulate that holding memorial week weeklyHave arrived at1926The end of the yearGuangdong possessions publicPrivate schoolHave all become the Nationalist Party's politics implement[Yuan Zheng200043]. 1926Year7MonthChiang Kai-shek is on the march sending an expedition northwardParty spends education just subsequently hold up postpone go to the northComply with Sun Yat-sen's“The Three People's Principles”BeginChinese People includes an intellectualPolitics leads a personnel just, to conform to the political leader book and give a lectureWith regard to other political thought and theoryThe block of wood knowing is manyKnowBe also that the degree misunderstanding is highPolitics interferes with educationEducate the unable independenceHave become the politics implementThis is feudalism tradition countryNeed to build basic big problem of democratic societySun Yat-sen returns to Guangdong re-organize military government front's1920-1923 During a certain eraChen Jiong Ming builds the model province in GuangdongA few discussed by practice scheduled time for 54 points reforms thoughtAttach importance to an education reform speciallyChronaxie famous USA professor Duweilai China gives lectures 2 years(1919-1921)Propose education's“Liberalization”(liberal education, Also translate『All-round person is educated』)Guangdong education reform priority will be『Educate liberalization』And『Education is independent』The latter is that the finger sets up an independenceDo not accept education executive authorities and funds that politics affects [Consult a book“Guangdong education reform”]1923 Year2Month Sun Yat-sen suborns Yunnan Guangxi troopsInvade GuangdongForce visiting Chen Jiong MingBe up to but spread out“Party is molten”MoveGuangdong educates just the reason“Liberalization”Walk go ahead180Spend contrary direction's“Party is molten”ApproachTherefore Chen Jiong Ming Yu1927 The year is in whose institute《China unites rustic opinion》One book liningSpeak very bitterlyMelt as for PartyAlready belong to clausuraParty spends educationBe utterly absurd moreMeaning of covering up with person of Party but the groupAbsolutely not wonderful that speaksBe all doctrine political programmeAlso in order to adapting to a period of time, that demandsBut must be magical effect of influencing the people and forming moral customsEurope and America advanced countryThat is helped to change by persuasion by religionMove forward in civilized conditionStill teach separation with political affairsFetters of emancipating the mindChina has never had fetters of religionFang Xing is too late by Europe and AmericaNationalist Party why goes against truthBelief of using one PartyThat propagates work religion styleBe still not enoughAnd, this educates organ of independenceAlso must invade, but devastate thatBe also what be person〔Chen Jiong Ming1927119〕Be cleaning up powder with Republic timesChina educates through twice important reformation at the modern timesAnd be around1924 Annual rotating twists pointThe first time reformation is started from1901 YearUnder Qing regime, the imperial decree or edict abolishes civil-service examination systemSet up modernized schoolDispatch a student studying abroadBe around1901-1911 During a certain eraHave about 100 The kind is different Magazine journalAnnounce the Yu Tong Yi time innerBe loaded with the article having large amount of thought and customs and habits introducing the west among them[Beili19905-6]. Second time reforms occurrence Yu1919YearBe annual5Month4The Japan Beijing student fails because of government diplomacyProtest marchUnfold in the future so-called May 4th new culture movementLook for the universal education seeking democratizationDepths accept Du Wei educational philosophy effectBe around6Moon innerHave been common400New various publicationSatisfy with the writings in the vernacularAppear to go ahead in news stall[Du Wei1973 6]20Century initial stageSo to speak be Chinese education and an intellectual the golden ageFormer Peking University President Cai Yuanpei recollects1910And1920AgeDoctrine having sighed with emotion“That timeThought and the remarks libertyBe really to reach the friendly pole”[Yuan Zheng200047. The plain is loaded with《Cai Yuanpei complete works》6572,Beijing1984]. 1929 Annual Hu Shi is in Shanghai when any privately runs university's PresidentOnce reported doctrine“(Now we)Existence being able to deny God But can not criticize Sun Yat-sen (We)Can not go to church keeping watch for SundayBut cannot but read the Prime Minister testamentAlso cannot but participate in weekly Sun Yat-sen's memorial week”[Yuan Zheng200048. The plain is loaded with《Hu Shi collected works》5579,Beijing1998]1924 Annual Sun Yat-sen reorganizes Nationalist PartyFollow the example of Soviet RussiaPut Party into practice spending educationIn the future whose henchman“Belief of using one PartyThat propagates work religion style”China is educated at the modern timesTurn back the clock of big herefromEntail woe on descendant infiniteRandomly talk about the Three People's Principles────Nationalist Party goes so far as『Go against truthBelief of using one PartyThat propagates work religion style」Progressive doctrine of fetters and handcuffs thinking of the young peopleBe foolish people doctrineChen Jiong Ming is around1927Be burning《China unites rustic opinion》Book liningHave one passage to mention Sun Yat-sen's「The Three People's Principles」SpeakThe Three People's Principles and their political programme of announcingThe kind all plagiarizes from different sourcesThought of stopping being independent extremelyThat reasons with all alongBut have not also been suitable for in national conditions(Criticize detailedlyMust comment on rangeBut virtuous Nationalist Party personKnow the person necessarily speakingGo beyond the limit do not go ahead have an imageDo not dare violate an earMa Ding Lu is morals if having originate from whose PartyMultitudinous having a resurgence, that takes a look at)Look at that on todayAlready be stale extremelyWait for being amended urgentlyHave what is sacred but insist on youth necessarilyFetters it's state of mindWooden handcuffs in ancient China the person tends towards the step father【Chen Jiong Ming1927119】Chen Jiong Ming said this words timeSun Yat-sen already passes awayBright Ming Dynasty is elected as Prime Minister of Zhi Gong Party already by America overseas ChineseBut, he still hopes a few old comrades inside the Nationalist PartyCan make Nationalist Party have「Resurgence」DayPolitical environment lining in multi-party systemBuild up a country commonlyThe bright bright institute is the most grieved butYes「China has never had religion fettersFang Xing is too late by Europe and America」But, Nationalist Party goes so far as「Go against truthBelief of using one PartyThat propagates work religion style」Progressive doctrine of fetters and handcuffs thinking of the young peopleBe foolish people doctrineIf fruit quotes the name that now replaces declineIf taiwan writer Li strolls, the institute speaks「The Three People's Principles」Be just that the ruler is used to do「United front」Implement【Li strolls1987269】. Couple of it's contentMy oral quiz does one investigation and discussion specially(1). Democracy USA「Civil right follows」(Bill of Rights)AnnounceNeed to use1776The year preserves Zhenniya(Virginia)The prefecture prefecture constitution is to beginIt be in the future「Human rights follows」OriginUSA federal constitution(1787-1791)French revolution(1789)「Civil right declaration」(Declaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen)United Nations after 172 years(1948)「Declaration of the Rights of Men」(Universal Declaration of Human Rights)Be with thinking State「Civil right follows」Be a basisThinking State「Civil right follows」Draftsman George Maixin(George Mason)Begin to speak just「Person obtains because of being born having born-with equality and liberty」(That all men are by nature equally free and independent)But have being able to not be deprived「Protect life and libertyThe demand is taken and is owns propertyGo after choose happy and safe」Right(the enjoyment of life and liberty with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety). Scholar Moll grows american history(Samuel Morison)Say thinking State「Civil right follows」Be the world since the beginning of history「Liberate human being」One of the greatest documentIt exceeds religion and the philosophy of society concept not onlyCome to move a most fundamental principle for human rightsAnd to everybody ought to enjoy「Liberty is equal」Go ahead in the step wielding law'sHave establish several simplicities but clear and definite significanceSun Yat-sen is member of the person「Democracy」In teaching materialsHold the human rights principle「Liberty is equal」SignificancePolitics and laws stepConfused mix togetherHave done the full-length novel theoryThe conclusion is that China does not ought to learn Europe and America「Go to compete for liberty with revolution」But ought to「Advocate that the Three People's Principles gets rid of revolution」【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960222】. Sun Yat-sen is why dissatisfied with civil right carried out by Europe and AmericaHe saidLike USA revolutionPut civil right into practice having had 150 more than ten yearsCivil right being able to put into effect nowAnd hundred effectuations many years civil rightDo not just have big differenceCivil right done by France nowFail to reach the civil right that the revolution institute did beforeFrance is in when before revolutionaryWhat be gone civil right is to charge share's very muchLike that time, the people believes no correctlyEverybody needs to go and resistHave had more than hundred years therefore so farFrench civil rightIt is bigger not to have improves【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960272】. Sun Yat-sen believes Europe and America civil right does not improveBe to fetch the attitude resisting because of the people to the governmentPut civil right into practice thereforeMust change the people attitude to the governmentHow change the people attitude to the governmentHe saidOur revolutionAdvocate putting civil right into practiceTo this problem, I have thought of a method solvingMy solutionBe that scientific principle or law is hit by invention the first time in the worldMy wayBe to resemble the Switzerland scholar recently invention is the sameThe people is to change attitude to the governmentInvention of having this scientific principle or law recentlySuffice to show that I am good to the view coming moreWhat way this isExactly「Right parts from to be able to be going for」PrinciplePrinciple that this powers and functions differenceThe before Euramerican scholar has not invented【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960276】Be after all very much「Right parts from to be able to be going for」New principleSun Yat-sen quotes The Romance of the Three KingdomsLiu Bei asks the lonely story to come to do making an explanationHe saidThere is 400 million fool in China nowEverybody all is to be powerful very muchFool is originally incapableBut, Zhuge Liang has an energyAfter Liu Bei has died thereforeWest Sichuan is able to governAt that time fool knew self is incapableCountry full powers is asked to arrive at Zhuge LiangAsk Zhuge Liang to go and govern for himTherefore on Zhuge Liang produce person of exemplary virtueJust present opinion arriving at foolThing in the mansion a palace is neutralized should be clear partingThing in palaceFool can go to composeThing in mansionSelf block of wood energy goes to make foolThing in mansionBe what be engaged inBe government's thingZhuge Liang splits palace thing in neutralizing a mansionBe to divide weighing up from being able toEurope and America puts civil right into practice nowAttitude held by the peopleAlways resist the governmentFundamental reason is to be able to not part according to what our invents since drawing temporarilyIf not treading Euramerican track of an overturned cart of ChineseOught to need to cast light on scientific principle or law invented by meShould be clear with drawing temporarily being able to divideThe people has split right and canWon't oppose the government just nowThe government can be looking for developing just now【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960281】Turn out to be Sun Yat-sen's「Democracy」The person concentrates on being not to oppose the government in needing to persuade the peopleHe holds right of the people therefore(rights)Government's authority(authority)And administration ability or ability(political ability)Mix togetherAssume some of apparently right , but actually wrong viewHe criticizes Europe and America democratic state for putting civil right into practiceBecause「Right」And「Can」Do not partReason why is attracted cause the people opposes the governmentButSun Yat-sen stays in overseas many yearsDo not know within Euramerican democratic state could it be said thatThe person「Fool」Oppose the government unnecessarilyBecause of them「Right」And「Can」HaveHave at any time「Can」Exercise the person「Right」Ability is insufficient with replacement「Zhuge Liang」But「Zhuge Liang」Bounden dutyBe to defend constitution also simplyTo ensure「Fool」Entire「Right」And「Can」(2). People's Livelihood「People's Livelihood」Li of the most important view is「Equalization of land ownership」And「Control capital」Use「Control capital」Come to speakIts gist is around「Enterprise of homeland person and foreignerOr have the character monopolizingOr scale what that force can not handle too extremely privateIf bankRailroadThat belongs to an air lineManagement be controlled that by the countryLivelihood of making private capital system can not control a citizen」【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960602】. This statementApparent accommodating there exists in private capital system'sBut must give「Control」But「Control」WayBe to encourage state enterprise simplyThis is that very year in fact(The first time fights fiercely for the day afer tomorrow)The capitalist countries process in whose evolution is middleHave gradually adopt the measure tending towards the simple socialismGo so far as to be like「Equalization of land ownership」Main way brought forward by Sun Yat-sen is『(Landlord)Self reports price of land(Government)Collect taxes of according to the set price(Government)Buy according to the price fixedRise in price being made a public possession』The government is the price rising in order to being made a public possessionCome『Payment everybody ameliorates society of that piece of ground on every sideAnd contribution of developed that piece of ground industry and commerce on every side』But be hard to avoid the landlord meeting『Make a false declaration of quantity』Come to bring down the burden that the person pays tax whatMake an explanation under Sun Yat-sen being acted asFor instance , the landlord holds one hundred thousand yuan of groundReport 10,000 yuan to the governmentPrice of land according to one hundred thousand yuanThe government ought to levy a tax a thousand yuanCome to levy a tax according to the landlord what reports 10,000 yuan price of landThe government draws hundred yuan onlyIn taking the tax organ out on one handNeed to suffer losses at ease 900 yuanBut, the government grows regulation if having fixed twoOne aspect levies a tax according to the set priceOne aspect can buy according to the price fixedThe landlord holds one hundred thousand yuan of ground thenReport 10,000 yuan onlyHe has swindled 900 yuan of tax out of the governmentBe to gain extra advantage by unfair means naturallyIf the government price according to 10,000 yuan goes to buy that piece of ground inHe just needs to lose 90,000 basicThis even if greatly have suffered lossesCast light on my way thereforeThe landlord is short if with much newspaperHe definitely is afraid that the government needs to buy according to the price fixedEat the price of land get a beatingIf with little newspaper be moreHe is afraid that the government needs to levy a tax according to the set priceEat the heavy taxation get a beatingTwo aspect is each other parallel in advantages and disadvantagesHe definitely is not willing to much newspaperBe willing to stop reporting neitherNeed to fix a compromise valueHonest market price is reported to the government【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960358】This waySuperficial most probablyBe rational seemingly very muchBut people who has a little of economy common sense most probablyHave had question immediatelySun Yat-sen's「People's Livelihood」Accommodate capitalThe capital applying lies in investment mainlyInvestment can boost productionDevelopment economyBut, the motivation investing lies in stratagem benefitThis is upper logical thinking of economicsIf rising in price be made a public possession completelyWhom have to be ready to invest in upper woollen cloth of groundAndAsk this way to will doThe government must be entitled to force buying according to the price fixedOtherwise, the landlord makes a false declaration of quantity surelySell forever in one's refusal to doEnjoy the low rate of tax benefit foreverIf the fruit government is entitled to force buy according to the price fixedMoment rising high in price of landForce buy overDoubtfully , if fault identical after confiscate private propertySuch government is to be able to make use of mouth to represent the interests of the people wouldn't itStrive for wealth in fact on the market with the peopleDo business the landed estate businessThe aunt economic theory disregarding Sun Yat-sen will doesOr won't workMay pay attention to is that he is in overseas residencePropagate revolution reaching long of all above in 17But be member of the person「The Three People's Principles」In teaching materialsDisclose his politics economic thought to Europe and America democratic state outYou Qi Shi「Typical government」(representative government)And relation between the peopleSuperficialness that the person knowsBe to make peopel unbelievable in fact(3). Nationalism Chinese Revolution of 1911After establishing Republic's Zhu martyr Yu overthrowing full clear monarchyPropose that namely「Five race republicanism」Republic principle of deep cognition equality of nationalitiesAsk the centrifugation avoiding a national minority to moveThey are in fact far-sightedAdopt the five-color flag(RedYellowBasketWhiteBlack)Be a national flagResemble music note "5"「Five race republicanism」ChineseBe overMongol nationalityReturn toTibet and their his national minority equality coexistsCommon building-up one is unifiedFirmLong-term democratic republicSun Yat-sen is in Nanjing in Republic in the first year of an era when taking the office of provisional President of first-termSwear an oath of office right away under five-color national flagBut be in the day afer tomorrow in 12's1924YearHe follows the example of Soviet Russia right awayA national flag is transformed into to having the Nationalist Party Party emblem(Blue sky and bright sun)「Blue sky and bright sun allover is red」FlagTo resemble music note "5" Nationalist Party「One-party dictatorship」Political standAnd be member of the person「Nationalism」LiSpecial suggest that oppose「Five race republicanism」But propose that「Take the Han nationality as centreAnastomosing ChineseBe overMongol nationalityReturn toTibet is various national be one big Chinese nations」【The Father of a nation advice , teachings left by the deceased1960481】. This uses「The Han nationality is centre」Accomplish the country「Grand unification」StatementBe to is loved can's words by the Han people who accounts for more than 95% of the whole nation population naturallyBut in course of such momentSino-Russia negotiates square YinThe outside is covered with living or death problemDepend on eyebrows and eyelashesSun Yat-sen is helped for RussiaDo not stint the Mongol nationality who sacrifices the outsideActually stand by Soviet RussiaInconformity of statesman words and deedsMo very much hereofSun Yat-sen is opposed putting into effect on political structure「Five race republicanism」PrincipleBut want to come with politics way「Fuse」The nation statement5% is only following to be taken up the whole nation population all fullMongol nationalityReturn toTibet waits for a national minority most probablyBe a past dynasties emperor completely「Annex alien races」Use「All the empire came under one's sway」NoteWorld repeated is big%9

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